The ‘Special Relationship’ that seems to rely on Trump’s terms and tantrums

This special relationship between the US and the UK that is supposed to exit and that is so oft referred to seems to be nothing other than a one-sided promise that is dependent upon Donald Trump’s terms and tantrums. This special relationship was announced by Theresa May early on in her premiership and was supposed to be the foundation of the Brexit promise of better trading options post Brexit. It was held up as a model for likely trade agreements outside the EU. Recently we have seen 2 incidents which call this ‘Special Relationship’ into question and shows it up for what it really is: a one-sided attempt by the US to interfere in British Politics and an attempt to assuage power over the British Economy.

Trump lies in wait like a vulture for post Brexit Britain 

Trump lies in wait like a vulture for post Brexit Britain waiting to pick over the bones of the dying and beleaguered UK’s Economy. Donald Trump would be more than willing to to exploit our economic vulnerabilities post Brexit and he will do this whist smiling and claiming that it is still some kind of ‘Special Relationship’ when in reality it is nothing other than a strong economy exploiting a weaker economy for it’s own gain. Any ‘Special Relationship’ will certainly not be mutually beneficial to both sides for sure. The evidence of this is gradually coming out in the disrespect he is showing for our diplomatic processes and by his attempts to choose terms and conditions that are personally favourable to himself. The other recent evidence of the contempt he holds for the UK is his personal criticism of our current Prime Minister, Theresa May, with whom he had previously stated that he had the utmost respect for. Now he is highly critical of her and has lambasted her in his recent tweets which just goes to show that he is consistently inconstant and untrustworthy. He seems to fall out with people who either do not do as he asks or those that criticise him in any way. This is certainly not a man who the UK should put faith in. Any ‘Special Relationship’ with Trump is certainly not worth the paper it is written on because he could at any point just decide to rip it up.

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