Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP is misleading Scotland for her cause of devolution

2 things have become very clear in the first week of campaigning in this next General Election. The first is that Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP are extremely scared of a reprise of the Labour vote in Scotland to the point of paranoia and to the point whereby the SNP is misleading Scotland into believing that devolution is the panacea for all Scotland’s problems. This can be witnessed by her attempts to convince Scottish Voters that she can actually do something to stop Brexit for Scotland. The obvious truth of the matter is that the SNP cannot prevent Brexit happening because the SNP are only a regional Party that has only limited part to play in UK policy making. The SNP is misleading Scotland and the Scottish voters into believing that it can stop Brexit by suggesting that they are closer to the Labour Party than they really are or that they can have significant influence over the Brexit debate in the UK. Scottish voters with any real sense or understanding of the issue and those not so blinkered by the devolution debate will have already realised and may be considering where best to place their votes in order to promote Scottish interests in the forthcoming General Election . In an attempt to hide both her and the SNP’s impotence on the Brexit matter Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are fully overcompensating by again and predictably so turning on the Devolution charm in the run up to the General Election. She is also suggesting that a pact with Labour may be possible when it has been made clear that it would not be available and especially not on her terms. By doing this Sturgeon’s SNP is misleading Scotland and Scottish voters into believing that the SNP are closer to Labour than they actually are. She is doing this because she so afraid of loosing votes to Labour in this General Election. She is fearful that Scottish voters will actually realise that the SNP have only a sidelined influence over matters regarding Brexit in the UK. Scottish voters who have concerns about Brexit may actually realise that to have Scottish influence over Brexit matters they may have to consider voting for a Party that has UK wide influence that can better press the case about overturning the Brexit decision. The Labour Party is the most logical Party as a national party and could influence the Brexit debate if it were to get into government: the SNP are only a regional Party with little UK wide influence over UK policy matters. If Scottish voters were to draw this conclusion it is feasible that there could be a swing of voting away from the SNP towards Labour in Scotland. The only way that Sturgeon and the SNP have of getting the ‘Devolution Donkey’ across the Finishing Line is to blinker the Scottish Voters and to keep dangling the devolution carrot in front of them, offering this up as a panacea for all Scotland’s problems. These little matters seem to have been a source of nagging doubt which seems to be eroding Sturgeon’s confidence and forcing the SNP into misleading Scotland and the Scottish voters over what can realistically be achieved by her SNP Party regarding the Brexit matter. Thus the SNP is misleading Scotland for it’s own ambition of Scottish Devolution.

Recently there seems to have been some concession that the SNP alone cannot prevent Brexit for Scotland and her new strategy to compensate for her impotence in the matter is to suggest that Scottish devolution itself will clear a path for Scotland to re-apply to rejoin the EU after devolution. However this would be a risky strategy and by then the damage will have already been done to both the Scottish Economy and the UK economy as a whole. The message now coming from Sturgeon’s SNP is very clearly that  we may not be able to fix it for you now but we will later when we have reached our ultimate goal of Scottish independence. Ultimately and currently though Sturgeon and the SNP are misleading Scotland for the cause of devolution.

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