The SNP (Scottish National Party) are powerless to stop Brexit

The SNP (Scottish national Party) are powerless to stop Brexit and they will never be in a position to do so. In fact they are partially accountable for the success of the Tories in the General Election of 2017 and they continue to prop the Tories up in power in the UK. The SNP will never be in a position to govern the UK because they are primarily a regional Party. In fact the SNP is actually assisting the Tories by splitting the vote. This suits the Tories more than it suits Labour. As a result they have helped elect a political party that is actually detrimental to Scotland at the moment because they are assisting the Tories and helping them to hold on to power in the UK. As a result Scotland faces the unpopular scenario of leaving the EU with the rest of the UK. A vote for the SNP has resulted in a vote to keep the Tories in power.

Scottish devolution should be put on hold to deal with the more urgent matter of Brexit. 

The most urgent matter for Scotland is not devolution it is the prospect of leaving the EU. At the moment Scottish devolution should be put on hold to deal with the more urgent matter of Brexit. This is something that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP need to get to grips with because by pressing ahead and looking to Scottish Devolution they are actually putting that ahead of the real interests of Scotland and the Scottish people. The SNP are powerless to stop or prevent Brexit on their own because their agenda and scope is regional and limited. They will never be a UK wide national political force because of their limited appeal outside Scotland so their ability to influence matters outside of Scotland is limited and this is actually assisting the Tories with their Brexit plans and Brexit appeal. If Sturgeon and the SNP really cared about Scotland they would be putting their weight behind a political party that can influence this important matter directly. It should in effect stand aside whilst the matter of Brexit is sorted out at a national level and this would ultimately help Scotland remain in the EU along with the rest of Britain. But what we are actually seeing from the SNP is only Lip Service as regards presenting a major challenge to the Tory plans regarding Brexit. I suspect Sturgeon’s real agenda and focus is not Brexit at all: it is Scottish Devolution: but at what cost to Scotland. In fact the confusion of Brexit and the imminent and unpopular departure of Scotland from the EU, for the most part which have been imposed upon the Scottish due to  political decisions taken in Westminster or by sentiments outside of Scotland which are unrepresentative of Scottish opinions, are actually assisting in Sturgeon’s quest for a break up of the Union. It comes as no surprise then that Sturgeon’s SNP are not going to overlook this gift that the Tories have bequeathed to them. It is a situation that suits them admirably. In their quest for Scottish Devolution they could not have been handed a better opportunity than the situation that has now occurred over Brexit and Scottish EU departure. There is no better excuse or reason that has presented itself  in support of Scottish Devolution than that which Brexit has presented. The SNP will be well aware of this and this is why they have been pushing for another Referendum on Scottish Devolution. It is clear from this that Sturgeon and the SNP are opportunists willing to exploit this situation for their own gain and they are basically guilty of putting this ahead of real Scottish interests which is to defeat Brexit and prevent Scotland’s departure from the EU. This should be the real battle. By exploiting a situation and failing to address the real issue by putting a Scottish Devolution Agenda on hold for a while and perhaps even stepping aside totally It seems then that the SNP  may actually not be representing Scottish interests at all but instead merely selfishly representing their own cherished ambitions and putting these ahead of the the national interests of Scotland.

Scottish focus should not be on Scottish Devolution at the moment it should be on Brexit and taking the necessary steps to prevent Scottish departure from the EU. If Scottish voters want to remain in the EU they must consider where is best to place their votes in any forthcoming election. They must consider that the SNP will not be in a position to stop Brexit by themselves because they will not be in a position to govern the UK. Surely it is time for Scottish voters to consider this matter seriously. Placing a vote for a Party willing and capable of stopping Brexit must surely be better than voting for a single issue and regional party that cannot influence the outcome of this, the UK’s most important debate.

The SNP (Scottish National Party) are actually doing more harm to Scotland than good because they cannot prevent Scotland’s exit from the EU

The SNP may actually be doing harm to Scotland because of their lack of power in the Brexit debate. The SNP seem instead keen to exploit the unhappiness of leaving the EU and the impact it will have on Scotland and the Scottish Economy for their own advantage and ultimate aim of getting devolution at whatever cost to Scotland. If the SNP really cared about Scottish people then it should do Scotland a favour and step aside for a while to put a National UK Party in place and not just be seeking to exploit a situation for their own advantage. Devolution at whatever cost seems to be the guiding principles of the SNP and Scotland and Scottish people be dammed as a result. It is obvious by refusing to do this that the SNP are actually helping the Tories to remain in power in the UK and this will ultimately result in the chaos of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ which will be damaging for the UK and Scotland but beneficial to the SNP in their quest for devolution.

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