The current ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ is being driven by Inflation and the lack of an adequate Energy Provision in Britain. Currently the Energy Provision in the UK is partially owned by outside interests such as EDF which is a Feench Company. As such we don’t control our own Energy Market in the UK. Also all the Energy providers in Britain are run on a capitalist model of run to maximise profits. The current situation with the war in Ukraine has provided these Energy Providers with an opportunity to maximise their profits and exploit the consumer’s mercilessly. Britain’s Energy Providers are directly responsible for current levels of Inflation and are driving
the ‘Cost of Living Cris’. Britain’s Energy Provision should be publicly owned and not run on a for profit only basis. Margaret Thatcher’s policies falsely made Public Ownership of Energy look unattractive: however these companies are, and have always been profitable and could be an asset to yhe UK: but their value has been swallowed and lost to profiteering. Who gets these massive profits is now up for public debate and increased scrutiny. My argument is that the public should benefit from these profitable companies and the money used to fund the NHS and other public infrastructure. There is also a case for the government to start it’s own Energy Provider with the sole aim of increasing competition in the energy provision market with the ultimate aim of putting the current providers out of business by driving away their customers. This idea is explored as an alternative to re-nationalisation

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