Bodge, the childish megalomaniac, thinks that by sulking he will get his own way & make Europe give in

Bodge-it thinks that by sulking he will get his own way and Europe will just give in to his demands. Well this is a fine strategy and one more worthy of a kindergarten and really less becoming of a so called statesman or Prime Minister. Meanwhile it has given Bodge the chance to pretty much resume his role of London Major and that means pretty much going around doing nothing much at all. This is what Bodge-it does best of course. Now he has taken to going around with his imaginary chequebook promising everyone large sums of cash in an attempt to please everyone and buy his election votes.

Putting a childish megalomaniac in charge of the country and the Brexit negotiations is irresponsible

Bodge-it may be quite used to getting his own way by sulking and let’s face it that strategy pretty much got him the job as Leader of the Conservatives. However I doubt that Europe will be such of a pushover or so easily duped. It is doubtful that this childish strategy will work with them and in the meantime the clock continues to count down to this deadline at the end of October. So far nothing at all has been achieved through this new strategy of sulking and nothing will. Britain is just losing time by not entering into any meaningful negotiations.

It might be wise to consider that sanity should be sacrosanct and when it is not it should be reviewed and replaced. The act of putting in place a madman with a mad agenda that will affect everyone simply points to the fact that parliament is currently not working properly. This being the case it should be reviewed and replaced with something better that is going to work properly. Having a childish megalomaniac in charge of the fate of the British Economy really makes no sense at all.

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