‘Let’s get Brexit done’ is just an attempt to dumb down the General Election by the Tories

‘Let’s get Brexit done’ the General Election 2019 mantra from the Tories is just an attempt to dumb down the General Election 2019 into a single issue election. The reason they are doing this is primarily to avoid scrutiny of the key areas where the Tories have let down the British people whilst they have been in government and that amounts to every single area of policy. The Tories have failed Britain whilst in government in every single way possible. It was the Tories under Cameron that introduced this whole debacle. Now they are attempting to avoid proper scrutiny of their miserable failings by attempting to bring this General election down to a single issue Election. Don’t let them get away with it. The Tories should be held accountable for their miserable performance whilst in government by stating very clearly that we don’t want them back in power. Let’s get Brexit done should really be interpreted as let’s get Brexit dumb. 

‘Let’s get Brexit dumb’ would be closer to the truth 

It’s true that Boris Johnson likes to over simplify matters not only for himself but also for the electorate as well. The Tory toff’s  mysterious appeal comes from trying to get down with the working classes by pretending to be one of them. Just think how many times he appears in front of the media in a yellow hard hat and a high vis vest or a doctor’s gown. You might actually think or grow to believe (as he wants you to believe) that he actually works on a building site or in a hospital or suchlike. His current strategy is to go one further to try to appeal to the masses by suggesting he aligns himself with, or identifies with the laziest and most under-educated elements in our society. Let’s get Brexit done seems to be offering a shortcut solution suggesting that allow people to get on with other matters of more importance. However there is no matter of greater importance and consequence than Brexit and insuring that Britain leaves under the best possible circumstances. This is Bodge-it the salesman suggesting that he has a not to be repeated deal that you must snap up before it’s gone. I would suggest that he is like a window salesman that you should possibly report to Trading Standards for aggressive selling tactics. Don’t let’s forget that this was Johnson’s idea in the first place pushing his weight behind a totally misleading campaign. It was the Tories idea to offer a vote on Leave or Remain in EU and it is the source of continuing embarrassment to the Tories that they have thus far failed to deliver. They are desperate and will convince you that any deal is good so that they can wriggle of the hook.

Let’s Get Brexit done: no because you have already had 3 years in which to do it and you blew it!

Let’s get Brexit done sounds a bit silly coming from a Tory Party that has been in power  since 2010 and has spent at least the last 3 years since Theresa May took over in 2016 attempting to do exactly that: Get Brexit done. The Tories have now had 3 changes of leadership since 2015 and still they have accomplished nothing. So when we hear ‘Let’s get Brexit done’ from them you really have to laugh. What the Tories have accomplished though is to turn Britain into a garbage heap on the verge of break up. Social Care is the worst it has ever been. Care for the elderly and most vulnerable in society has deteriorated to next to nothing. The NHS is in crisis and being attacked by privatisations by stealth. Our Railways and other transport services are in an awful mess. Consumers are being ripped off left right and centre by our utilities. Britain’s youth has been neglected and abused. If the Tories were parents then they would have had their kids took off them by social services such is the neglect. The union is on the verge of collapse since Tory policies and Brexit have increased support for devolution in Scotland , Wales and possibly now Northern Ireland. ‘Let’s get Brexit done’ is now just a meaningless chant from the Tories in their attempt to regain some credibility. truth is they have none left. Now the Tories are hiding behind a banner and slogan whilst  trying to force this General election 2019 to be about a single issue. They are evasive on all matters apart from Brexit. The Tories’ real agenda is actually to make Britain into a low wage economy with minimal workers rights.They are hiding from a poor record on: Health and Social Care, Criminal Justice (costly, failed and reversed privatisations of the Probation Service), care of the Elderly, deeply unpopular Austerity measures and cuts to all levels of council services, poor Railway and other transport services, NHS cuts. Their cowardly leader has refused to put himself forward for scrutiny over their record in the same way that other party leaders have in the run up to voting. Johnson simply cannot be relied upon to tell the truth and no one should trust him regarding the NHS. Trump is likely to demand access to the NHS in any possible Trade deals and Bodge-it has shown himself to be cowardly and a political lightweight upon the world’s political stage.

I consider this new Tory campaign mantra of Let’s get Brexit done to be insulting. I think that ‘Let’s get Brexit dumb’ would be closer to the mark. I personally find it both insulting and condescending that he thinks or believes that the working class is both lazy and under-educated. I would have expected these Victorian beliefs and values from the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg certainly and you can see where the Tory party is going with this with the introduction of the likes of Rees Mogg to Johnson’s cabinet. This Tory party led by Johnson essentially sees the working classes as lazy and looking out for a quick solution to everything. Using childish slogans to appeal to the working classes should be taken as an insult and ‘Let’s get Brexit done’  is such a slogan. It insults the working classes by suggesting that they cannot be bothered to give key issues proper scrutiny and consideration. It seems to be based on the understanding that we cannot be bothered to investigate or research matters to work out the best way to do thing. Just look at the references to doing things quick that might appeal to the laziest among us. Dropping meals in a microwave to which the process of Brexit, in all it’s importance to the economic future of Britain and it’s future prosperity, has been compared to: or reduced to. Let’s get Brexit done is an attempt to simplify politics and key issues of this General election. There are many areas of key importance besides Brexit which face Britain at the moment solving just one without solving others is not likely to have much impact to make Britain a fit and proper place in which to live. 

Whilst in government the Tories have let down: the elderly, the sick, the workers and the taxpayers 

Johnson continues to avoid public scrutiny of all key areas where the Tories have let down citizens of the UK and will continue to do so. Changing leaders has always been a strategy to avoid scrutiny of failures and so it is with this bunch.  They are no on their 3rd change of leader and have accomplished nothing in the meantime other than to devalue Britain and introduce a course of action likely to lead to the break up of the Union. Bodge-it is a politician who continues to blunder his way through one fiasco to another and is certainly no match for many key figures in today’s global politics.

Let’s get Brexit done is the chant of political immaturity. Let’s get Brexit done is a clumsy attempt to divert attention away from the Conservatives poor performance in all key areas where they have been letting this country down. Heckling and avoiding proper scrutiny whilst essentially being insulting to the working classes is the key features of Bodge-it’s campaign. Let’s get Brexit done is a message likely to appeal to the very laziest people who just can’t be bothered to look into the key details or likely future consequences of a bad Brexit.

Johnson came onto a Newsnight TV interview and kept on repeating or chanting and ranting the same ‘Lets get Brexit done’ mantra or quizzing ,nay heckling Jeremy Corbyn like some overgrown ,immature schoolboy about where he stands personally on Brexit. The whole thing was a deviation and avoidance tactic to waste time and avoid serious debate. Corbyn’s stance on the matter is both clear and irrelevant at the same time yet Bodge-it just kept on heckling and repeating the same nonsense in order to divert attention away from his own defects and inadequacies ( an understanding of Maths or telling the truth being 2 of the subjects he tries to avoid). Sloganising , chanting and heckling are key strategies for Bodge-it, all of which belong to the kindergarten and belie his spoilt public school upbringing. Spoilt Bodge-it likes to get his own way. What Bodge is good at though is avoiding scrutiny of matters relating to his trustworthiness and integrity and proper scrutiny of the failings of his political party the Conservatives. He avoided facing Andrew Neil under such circumstances. Johnson backed away from this interview in a cowardly fashion unbecoming of any current or future Prime Minister and refused to allow scrutiny which basically suggests that either he has something to hide or he is being economical with the truth.

Also the most recent TV Party Political Broadcast  which appeared last night just kept on repeating the same thing and was designed to appeal to those among us that just want rid of the whole Brexit process ( mainly the Conservative Party to which it has become a source of extreme embarrassment). Again the Tories seemed to be appealing again to the laziest elements of society those with little understanding of what is at stake but just want it to go away because they are simply tired of engaging with the debate..Bodge it’s inedible stodge is Bin Ready Right Now

Doing things for the sake of expedience is simply not the best way to determine the future of Britain and appealing to that faction of our society which supports such a viewpoint is an insulting mistake by the Tories. People of Britain want or at least should be trying to ensure that Britain has an economically prosperous future outside of the EU, which in my opinion is questionable anyway. The British public should not be reckless with the economic future of Britain and this is the message that has been sent out by Parliament in obstructing Brexit so far. Nobody should loose their jobs, livelihoods or homes as result of Brexit. the NHS should not be put in danger of exploitation from Trump and the USA either. Britain should not be held to account by an under-educated, ignorant mob and this is what Parliament has been trying to tell us. The Tories on the other hand want to exploit this mob culture to their advantage and they are certainly not putting the economic interests of Britain first. Likening the process of putting a ready meal and getting a proper Brexit for Britain are certainly not the same thing. Chanting down others who do not hold the same opinions or for the effect of avoiding proper scrutiny of future policies and recent failures is a childish strategy but would you really expect anything other from Bodge-it? The Tories have been failing Britain for years. They have been wasting public finances and have to take the credit for increased homelessness,  presiding over a failing NHS, poor investment in education just to name a few. As a knee jerk reaction to the General election 2019 they are promising to re-invest heavily in these areas which they have been running down for years. Can all this make up for the neglect that they have presided over in these areas since 2010: I don’t believe so. even with the promises that they have made ( which seem to be dependent upon a strong economy post Brexit) te levels of investment are still below what they were in 2010. Tory policies are failing Britain and each individual element of the Union of the United Kingdom. Boris Johnson and Tories are playing right into the hands of the devolutionists such as the SNP who actively want the break up of the Union, these are closely followed by those in Wales and the the liklihood of those in Northern Ireland may want to follow along the same path. A vote for Bodge-it and the Tories is like voting for a smaller and smaller Britain.SNP fearful of loosing seats to Labour in the General election


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