Tories won the election with a weak hand and a Trump Card

It’s pretty unpleasant to find that you have been scammed but face the facts the Tories won the election with a weak hand, a bluff and the Trump Card of Brexit. They have been elected with the biggest bluff ever seen in British politics and you have all bought into it. Comparison between what the Tories have offered you to what was on offer from the Labour Party you might actually have grounds to believe that you have actually been scammed by the Tories. So let’s compare what you would have got under a Labour government to what you will get from the Tories and you will have to admit that you have been scammed and sold yourselves off very cheaply in order to get Brexit done.

The Tories were holding the Trump Card of Brexit

First let’s look at Brexit and what you will get from the Tories. Well you pretty much don’t have a clue because Brexit is a gamble without guarantees other than it’s inherent insecurities. So firstly we have an unknown quantity which is Brexit which might pay off or might not. Next the Tories have promised you a few more policemen on our streets. Then they promised you to invest in Education again after a long hiatus whereby we saw real investments in Education curtailed by the Tories and Council funding slashed during it’s push for Austerity. In real terms the investment the Tories are promising still falls short of what it was as far back as 2010. The same applies to the promised/pledged investment in the NHS which the Tories have been mercilessly cutting to minimal levels of investment for decades. Small cuts in levels of national Insurance have been promised which have been worked out will probably make the average person around £80 a year better off. Can these pledges really significantly suggest the end to the Austerity Measures? Really I am sure that they could have done a lot better. Also the Tories plans for investment in the police, education and the NHS relies on having a strong economy after Brexit on Boris’s terms which is certainly not guaranteed at all to be the case. So there is no guaranteed that any of these plans/pledges will actually come to pass since they are dependent upon so many factors. So in effect the Tories had a relatively poor hand to play in the election but significantly they held the Trump card with the majority of the electorate: a speedy solution to Brexit and a catchy slogan of ‘Let’s get Brexit done’ which seems to have resounded with the voters.

In comparison the deal that Labour’s hand was much stronger because what Labour was offering you was in my opinion significantly better. Firstly a raise to minimum wage to £10 per hour would have had a major impact on the lives of many in Britain. Better investment than the Tories in the NHS and Education with a reinstatement of bursaries for trainee nurses. Not just a knee jerk election sweetener, promised in order to make up for years of lack of investment and to convince you that a leopard can actually change it’s spots, but a sustained level of funding as a guarantee. A level of trust far in excess of the Tories that the NHS would be safely protected after Brexit with pledges of sustained improvements in levels of service brought about through proper investment. Next a fairer deal for consumers of Rail Services, the utilities (gas and electric) and Royal Mail. Scrapping of Zero Hours Contracts. Labour was also planning to scarp tuition fees for University again opening up possibilities for many younger people to be able to go to University without incurring debilitating debts. Free prescriptions again. Strong commitments to protect workers rights post Brexit. A Brexit Deal and a referendum on that deal to allow people to understand if the process would be beneficial or detrimental to the UK’s economic future. This process was open, allowing scrutiny as opposed to the dictatorial stance from the Tories of just take it on the terms we negotiated. All of these pledges could be guaranteed by Labour since they had been costed using different methods to the Tories.

Comparing the deals you might have just cause to actually believe that you have been scammed by a clever fraudster, conman, confidence trickster. Many people changed their colours to support the away team in this election. Further down the line you may be asking yourselves questions as to why.


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