Is this the end for Boris Johnson?

Well in my opinion it probably is! Theresa May is certainly a very canny politician and her appointment of Boris Johnson into her new cabinet should have come as no real surprise. In fact I was baffled to see so many people who did not see this kind of appointment coming. In my opinion its a case for Ms May of keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Despite having been stitched right up by Michael Gove in the leadership contest which may, in the run of time, have proved to be only a small set-back in Mr Johnson’s ambitions to be leader: casting him into political wilderness it certainly did not achieve because in some respects there was a great deal of sympathy for Mr Johnson being seen as a victim at the hands of “Mr Nasty”. Many in fact did not blame Boris Johnson at all whereas Mr Gove certainly did seem to come off the worst, paying the price after his predictable return to his intrinsic personality. Now Mr Gove has himself become the victim to his own personality: just deserves having been served.

Boris the Annoying Fly

Well Probably this in itself should have really ended Mr Johnson’s political career for good at this point since it showed extremely poor judgement and political know how. It showed  a poor choice in your selection of friends, associates and running mate. It really did show that Mr Johnson does not have what it takes to be a higher level politician. However despite this Mr Teflon survived and the new Prime Minister was quick to realise that Mr Johnson could again at some point start buzzing around government offices and corridors of power like some annoying fly.

Boris plays the bungling Foreign Secretary

In the appointment of Boris Johnson to her cabinet Theresa May has shown that she realises and understands the power of public sympathy. Not only does she understand this as a concept, she fears it as well. So what has the Prime Minister Theresa May done?  Well she has made a political decision that is calculated to leave her at the head of the Tory party for a long period of time. Firstly eliminate or nullify your enemies and how better to do this than put Mr Johnson in a position for which he is the most unsuitable. Instead let him finish himself off by his own sword is Ms May’s way of thinking. This is not a gamble it is an astute piece of game-play by the Prime Minister. So in the light of this Mr Johnson’s appointment to her cabinet as Foreign Secretary may not seem as daft a move as it initially appears.

Boris Johnson again shows that he is a political lightweight

So has Mr Johnson seen all this: well no. Instead he was so grateful for his appointment, mistakenly seeing it as a act of generosity, that he did not stop to think what was really going on here. He has walked right into the trap like a lamb to the slaughter at the hands of a true political plotter. Again this is a case of Mr Johnson showing extreme lack of political understanding as to what really takes places at the top level in the true corridors of power at Westminster. His lack of understanding of anything political has in the past given him a level of charm in the eyes of the public I suppose. Boris Johnson’s bungling manner and political blindness has been akin to a political version of Mr Magoo ( an old TV cartoon from the 1960-70 period whereby a man with extremely myopia / short-sight caused mayhem but always seem to escape unscathed from the harm he caused), this in itself has become a part of his supposed charm: endearing him to many. However I now feel that the plug is going to pulled on this particular political cartoon “Boris: the leader in waiting” and unless I am mistaken I feel that this, whilst being a very funny series, will have no re-runs under Theresa May’s censorship.

The real work goes on under David Davis

After all the real work of the cabinet heading towards Brexit will  be done by David Davis the new Brexit Minister in Theresa May’s Cabinet. So whilst Mr Johnson is sticking up two fingers to the rest of the world, after having first done it to our European Neighbours its not really going to matter anyway because (in my opinion) the Prime Minister is taking a political gamble by hedging her bets that Mr Johnson will be long gone by the time when we have to do real negotiations with the rest of the world. In the meantime the real and immediate focus of her government will be on what the Brexit Minister, David Davis, is doing. Whilst the real business is taking place the antics of Mr Johnson will just be a mere sideshow of very funny comedy sketches raked from the embers of a series gone past its shelf life and soon to be shelved for good.

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