Prime Minister Liz Truss’s mistakes have cost approximately £30bn for which she is sorry

Prime Minister Liz Truss’s mistakes have cost approximately  £30bn for which she is sorry: but is that good enough? Well no it’s frankly not. It is incompetence and when people are incompetent they must go. She looks beleaguered and bereft of any ideas. She has to go now.

Is saying sorry enough?

Liz Truss is incompetent and not up to the job. She is profoundly  sorry that her personal mistakes and misjudgements have cost the UK economy approximately £30bn and mortgage payers individually additional  hundreds of pounds extra each month. However she is not personally culpable  alone. She was elected by the Conservative  Party who believed in her fantasy economics and elected her to be their leader and consequently the country’s  Prime Minister.  So this also shows poor judgement  by the whole Conservative  Party  who are also responsible  for this fiasco. If this was really the best candidate that they could muster then they really are bereft of any kind of political  talent at all. If Truss has to go then so to do the Tories  need to go in the national interest.

Consiser this

If I had cost my employer £30bn do you really believe that I would still be in that job role? Of course not. Will sorry go far enough to cover a £30 bn loss to the economy and cover the increased personal costs to people’s mortgages? If so then sorry and forgiveness goes a long way indeed.  Trusenomics is dead. Liz Truss showed poor judgement and now lacks any credibility as Prime Minister. It’s  certainly  no longer in the national interest to have this failed and incompetent individual  as Prime Minister. She lacks credibility, authority and insight: she must go.

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