Putin is at war not just with Ukraine but also with Russian citizens

The clampdown on freedom of speech in Russia shows that Putin is not just at war with Ukraine but also with Russian citizens. Putin wants a return to the bad old days of Stalin, ruling with fear and harsh punishments.

Any pretences of an elected democratic leader fell by the wayside this week as Putin revealed  to the World and to the citizens of Russia just who he has become: namely a dictator,  brutal and ruthless tyrant a new Tsar of Russia willing to defend his privledge and position at any cost, even at an expense to his own citizens. Putin wants to turn Russia back into a military state exerting authoritarian control over it’s  own citizens. Much the same as the Tsar. Everything that the Russian Revolution stood for and hoped for is about to reversed and buried as the new Tsar reveals his intentions.

The only Nazis that you will find in the Ukraine are the Russian scum that invaded it on 24th February

A culture of fear has descended on Russia. The KGB never left Russia at all and in fact have been cultivated for use by Putin for exactly  this moment. Russia is going backwards into a new Soviet Style era but controled by a new Tsar. Russian citizens are being duped by false narrative coming directly  from Putin. Citizens of Russia  need to be aware of the curbs on their freedoms and what is actually  happening. Putin is using a false narrative to occupy the Ukraine. He is claiming that he is fighting Nazis in the Ukraine.  However his apparent ambitions of ethnic cleansing appears to be closer to the ideas of the Nazis than anything else. The only Nazis that you will find in the Ukraine are the Russian scum that entered it on 24th February 2022, whose atrocities are slowly  being revealed.

Putin is intent upon turning back Russia by at least 50 years. Any ideas of the People’s Revolution are dissipated now as Russia returns to an all powerful head of state: a new Tsar. There are dark times ahead which will see a massive erosion of your abilities to express yourselves. Significant erosion of your freedoms and a period of living in fear of your neighbours and associates. Putin wants to think for you and tell you what to think and what you can do. If you think things are bad now they will be getting considerably  worse for you. Putin is at war with the Ukraine  🇺🇦  but he is also at war with Russia and Russian  democracy. Any way you want to look at this Putin has invaded the Ukraine but he has also declared war on Russia itself in an attempt to return it to it’s  darkest hour in history. Ordinary  Russian people, Putin is coming for you next.

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