Republicans are actively supporting Putin which isn’t very American

The Republicans in the Senate are blocking an aid to Ukraine bill which is basically actively supporting and assisting Putin. This situation isn’t very American and does not help world order. It’s basically a Carte Blache to Putin and must be music to his ears. Republicans are actively assisting Putin. That’s not very American  is it?

This is a quote from the Guardian Newspaper.

Senate Republicans last week blocked an emergency aid package primarily for Ukraine and Israel after conservatives complained about the exclusion of immigration policy changes they had demanded as part of the package. Zelenskiy, who last winter received a hero’s welcome on Capitol Hill, found less enthusiasm this tim

Then there is also the ever growing threat of the possibility  that Trump may again become the President of the USA. Is there really anything  quite as ridiculous. You really couldn’t  make this stuff up. Americans are obviously  mentally unstable if they think that Donald Trump is the answer to their problems. Trump can only make matters worse. He has already  said that if he is elected he won’t  stand in Putin’s  way. So if Trump is elected world order will be thrown into turmoil and Putin will be encouraged  to do as he likes. How un-American. IfbTrump isn’t  stopped America’s  reputation  will forever be soiled. Is that the great America  that Americans wish to see?


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