Slogans and Sound-bites are becoming more and more important. Only last week we heard Theresa May repeating what may become her Slogan, ‘Brexit means Brexit’. This meaningless load of rubbish was basically modelled on a previous Catchphrase or Slogan from her cherished predecessor and mentor Margaret Thatcher who’s own Slogan or motto was ‘The Lady’s not for turning’. These 2 slogans or catchphrases have so much in common. It is not the subject matter it’s the manner that they both imply. It is basically an arrogance and single-mindedness in both the slogans that comes across most strongly. In other words I will not listen to you nor will I listen to reason; I will do what I want. Both Slogans seem worthy of Dictators and both of these politicians have a great deal in common with Dictators.