‘Brexit means Brexit’, May said to the children who understood they were to be punished for their stupidity

It was a cold winter’s evening and Theresa May sat in front of her class of children who understood from her words that they were there to be punished. May repeated again and again ‘Brexit means Brexit!’ as she watched the children cower in front of her. She preached her words over and over again to emphasise how foolish the children had been to vote for a Brexit. The simple repetition of the word Brexit only served to castigate them even more as if Mrs May were saying that I am only doing this and punishing you so severely because you have made me do it. ‘Brexit means Brexit’, she said again, further implying that she herself had no choice in the matter; she was merely an instrument of their own self destruction and she was merely the un-willing instrument to bring all this retribution and reckoning for a totally self inflicted act of stupidity. But as she sat there repeating those words to the castigated and downtrodden children there appeared to be a look in Theresa May’s eyes that suggested, in spite of her apparent unwillingness to bring about this stupid end to the stupid chain of events, that she might in fact be enjoying all this.

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