The Kremlin Drone Show: all completely staged and faked

The Kremlin Drone Show was completely  staged and faked and choreographed by Putin and Russia. Also it just so happened  that someone was conveniently placed to film the whole event. The Kremlin  Drone Show was completely faked by Putin and Russia in an attempt to legitimise the pursuit of it’s war against the Ukraine. The faked Show was an attempt to galvanise it’s  people and to legitimise increased  levels of aggression against the Ukraine. An attempt  to bolster possibly faltering enthusiasm  and support for Putin himself. These were Russians flying these drones all staged for the cameras. It was like watching a circus act or a piece of cinematography: the whole thing was staged and faked by Putin and Russia. It was either that or an act of dissent from amongst his own people. One can only hope that maybe there is some resistance  movement in Russia  itself planning the destruction  and assassination  of it’s  own despotic leader.

It is very doubtful that any Drone would be tolerated so close to the Kremlin and that it was not detected much earlier. It is however  likely  that these drones were fitted with explosive devices that  could be detonated by the Drone Pilots themselves. The whole thing was a stunt. There was no threat to the Kremlin  and no threat to Putin because it was a staged stunt using the same technology that you would encounter in movie making. It was something  that  you would expect of Putin.

Possibly  many of the sabotage of freight trains may have Ukrainian  involvement or many be the result of an underground resistance taking place in Russia. All the legal channels of expression of free thought and opposition  to Putin and his regime have been shut down. There is no lawful  opposition  to Putin at all in Russia  right now. The old USSR  Soviet block has returned. The old KGB has returned not that they admit it. There is no freedom of expression and no freedom or room for opinion any longer in Russia. However  not every Russian  supports Putin so it is likely  that there will be an underground  movement of resistance who may be willing to engage in acts of sabotage. We can only hope that this is the case.

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