The Labour Party must win back the Scottish Vote if they are to win a General Election

Labour needs to win back Scotland to succeed in a General Election situation and the only way it can do this is to offer a firm commitment to a Second Referendum on Brexit. To fight the SNP in Scotland Labour must ensure that it is in fair fight with the SNP and it can only do this by offering what the SNP is prepared to offer. Without a firm commitment to offer a Second Referendum as a Labour Manifesto Pledge then  Labour’s chances of making any gains in Scotland are doomed. To go into a General Election without such a commitment would be to go into battle unprepared and would most likely lead to another defeat.

Tories stumble around in the dark trying to find a new leader

As the Tories stumble around in their darkest hour looking for a leader the Labour Party should be readying itself for the likelihood of a General Election taking place before all this fiasco of leaving Europe is sorted out. It is likely that whoever the Tories put in place will not be able to get the job done anyway, as they remain so undivided and cannot rely upon the DUP for their support. There are many that will challenge and oppose a leader who is willing to take us out of Europe without a deal  and there are many of those in the leadership contest queuing up to take over from Theresa May. So Labour be prepared for the impending ‘Meltdown’. A Government with no power and no potential to get the job done may result in a hung parliament and the possibility of a General Election. Labour must ensure that it is offering what the people want. It must be mindful of the importance of Scotland and it must be mindful that even though the Brexit Party achieved overall the most success in the EU Elections returning more Candidates than any other Single Party, but if you count the votes across the parties that were willing to offer either a Second Referendum or a stop to Brexit per se, you would see that the majority of actual votes went to those parties at the expense of Leave supporting Parties. This may be indicative of a swing in favour of remain.

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