The UK faces a one-sided trade deal with the USA with Trump dictating terms to an isolated Britain

The UK faces a one-sided trade deal with the USA after it leaves the EU without a deal. To be sure Trump will use this situation to dictate terms which are more favourable to the USA than they would be to the UK. Trump is after all a businessman who will see opportunity when it arises. The UK will be alone and isolated and desperate after a ‘No-deal Brexit’. Basically we will have no negotiating powers to draw upon and Trump will exploit this to his advantage. This is just the way of the world and the UK will be assisting this situation by leaving the EU without a deal in place. Thus far Bodge-it has failed to get any real commitments from the USA regarding future trade other than a gentleman’s agreement which is not binding. The USA has not given firm assurances and seem to be waiting to see what happens which could turn to their advantage if Britain looks desperate and that is why they are offering Bodge no real assurances. Meanwhile Bodge-it has very little left of the 30 days he promised Angela Merkel after which he said that he would be in a position to present a viable alternative to the ‘Backstop’ to the EU. That meeting with Merkel took place on 21/08/19 so he has basically reached the half way point and still there is no sign of any new proposals coming forward to move the process along.

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