AI- Why Humans must fight back

The companies developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) are mainly interested in profit and ways to reduce the workforce. If they see an opportunity to replace a Human with a robot they will. If a task that a human currently  does can be done by AI they will make it. Companies are falling over backwards for this kind of opportunity to maximise their profits. Greedy capitalist enterprises are always seeking new ways to decrease their workforces. Venture Capitalists in companies such as Uber would willingly  invest in driverless  vehicles for example if it meant a healthy profit. And the companies developing AI will certainly deliver the product to anyone willing to invest in their  technologies. They will do this without any ethical considerations or conscience.

AI has been granted a head start by Governments being lobbied by Venture Capitalists

Currently AI has had a free run. No governments  seem willing to tackle the issue or put any ethical boundaries around it’s development. Many wealthy  venture Capitalists have lobbied governments  to approve such developments so that they simply leave AI to develop under market forces. Currently  the Government  in the UK  is encouraging the development  of AI. There have  been no plans to look at the ethical implications  of AI. Also the opposition have been slow to develop any opposition  to AI.  Labour’s  response so far amounts only to lip service on the issue given by David Lambie. However even that was in the vaguest terms and Labour still have no clear policy on the issue despite having been alerted to the issue several years ago by yours truely. I raised the issue on Labour Party’s  Policy Forum but no-one  was interested in taking the matter forward.

In many areas of the marketplace  AI has been actively encouraged. One of these areas is Driverless transport which was given the go ahead in the UK  under Theresa May’s Government. In this way AI  has had a head start and humans have been slow to react. AI has currently stolen a mile on the humans. Now the Humans need to group together and quickly to protect their  jobs and livelihoods. Humans need to fight back against AI.

Humans  must fight back against AI since governments seem unwilling to

Humans must now fight back against the implementation of AI since governments  are unwilling  to do so. Governments are being bought by AI developers and those that will benefit  from greater implementations of AI. Make no mistake that these are very powerful people who are lobbying the government  even though it is the duty of a government to protect it’s  citizens  from harm. However  without ethical boundaries  including protection from job loss to AI then nothing opposes the development  and implementation of AI. Even concerned Politicians and Economists have been left standing in the dust from the charge of AI.

There is no Darwinist approach to AI. Governments  should not treat AI as some kind of Evolution of the job market. Job losses should be prevented

Politicians, Governments  and economists have failed to recognise and understand  the implications  of AI. AI will be devastating  in economic  terms and could well destabilise whole economic systems. Economics and economies rely on humans being able to purchase services and goods. Take away a person’s income and you are chip chip chipping away at an economy. Multiplied  this by the potential  job losses to AI and you have a recipe for disaster. Destabilising  an economy could lead to social insurrection. Governments  often react to change of this nature by saying that it can retrain the unemployed to do other types of work and that the job market losses are just down to outdated industries being replaced in a Darwinist evolutionary sort of way and that new industries  will replace the old. This is simply not true. Job losses should be prevented where possible to guard against economic collapse. It is not true that when one form of industry disappears that another will take it’s  place. Once AI is established those job opportunities  are gone. This kind of reaction and laissez fairer attitude from governments simply won’t  wash when it comes to AI. AI is targeting the areas of work that are often a last port of call for workers already pushed out of other industries  such as manufacturing for example. These are often driving or administration and these are the areas that AI development is currently  targeting. Delivery drivers, Lorry Drivers, Bus Drivers and Taxi Drivers all need to be concerned right now and need to wake up to understand  that AI is looking to replace you. Where will you go next to find work? Many administrative  jobs have already been lost to AI so where did they go next? Probably into such driving jobs. Sooner or later there will be nowhere left to go.

It is not true that when one form of industry disappears that another will take it’s  place

Humans need to protect their jobs and Government’s should protect it’s citizens. However in the case of governments this is simply not happening. Humans now need to catch up and quickly. Humans need to act before it’s  too late. Humans must start to organise into groups willing to sabotage, stop and obstruct the unnecessary implementation of AI. Time is running out and AI is winning the race. Humans are becoming redundant. Humans are an obstacle to capitalistic greed of companies and entrepreneurs. Humans  must stop AI or face the consequences  of being without a job and potential  economic collapse. Organise now and be prepared to sabotage AI if necessary. It’s  time to fight back.

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