Isreal breaking many international laws regarding conflict

As we have learned over the last few days it appears that Isreal continues  to break international  laws regarding  what is acceptable  during conflict. We learned that the IDF has been targeting  hospitals and the delivery  of aid. It appears that Isreal have been using food as a weapon of warfare and have been destroying infrastructure necessary  for civilian health. Isreal continues to deny that there is any significant food shortages in Gazza. It also rejects that it is indiscriminately targeting the  civilian population in Gazza despite the facts that the numbers killed suggest that up to 70% of the 32,000 killed have been women and children.

Isreal must now be held to account for the indescriminate  killings of the IDF.  Killing of aid workers snd the trashing of hospitals is unacceptable  as is the indescriminate targeting  of the civilian population.  It’s  now high time that Britain  and America withdrew support for Isreal especially  any military arms support. It’s  irresponsible  of America and Britain  to be giving armouries to a regime that uses indescriminate  killing of civilians. We have heard so many excuses from Isreal in an attempt  to justify this unacceptable and indescriminate killing but it’s  now time for our own governments to act to curtail this unacceptable  behaviour.

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