Beware the Sun tabloid newspaper is a Cuckoo in Britain’s Class War

The Newspaper in general may have outlived it’s usefulness. It is after all strongly edited for political bias to represent its own interests and the views of their owners/bosses. Other information is now available and getting heard that is not so strongly censored nor representative of only a small minority. Freedom of speech is now more achievable than ever because of the accessibility of the Internet where some aspects of censorship can be overcome and the voice of both socialism and the youth can now be expressed far more freely than ever before without censorship from powerful newspaper editors. Newspapers have always sought to limit change and to suppress a voice and platform for socialism in Britain. Through censorship or false representation of socialist policies (Loony Left was a derogatory term coined by many of these newspapers to undermine socialist values) they have succeeded in limiting political choice for the masses and this could be viewed as actively sabotaging choice in the political electoral system of Britain by exerting pressures to manipulate political parties to either adopt or curtail political aspirations. One particular newspaper, the Sun tabloid newspaper, has done this whilst attaining mass appeal amongst the working classes whilst subversively encouraging divisiveness in order to prevent any sense of class realisation and class identity whilst also seeking to undermine the institutions which promote the interests of the working classes. This paper the Sun tabloid newspaper and it has been and still remains ‘the Cuckoo of British Class Warfare‘.

Finally on the horizon we can all see the coming demise and extinction of the newspaper. The newspaper has had it’s dominance now for far too long and has outlived it’s usefulness. It’s influence is diminishing and in particular the ‘Sun’ newspaper’s abilities to indoctrinate us with Tory lies and propaganda is finally being realised. This was evident in the recent General Election of 2017 which seemed to indicate that, particularly the amongst the younger generations, we are less reliant upon newspapers for getting our information about current affairs and politics. Instead we get more information from alternative sources to the traditional newspapers.

What a blow it must have been for Theresa May who was counting on the Sun tabloid newspaper in the last General Election to carry on her smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn through it’s readership. In the end this proved to be a massive miscalculation on the part of Theresa May who believed that Corbyn was an easy target and from which she could swindle much political capital and a stronger majority in Parliament. Instead she demonstrated how out of touch her and her Conservative Party is with the younger generations of voters with which she failed to connect at all. This was due in part to the under estimation about how people and in particular young people get their news and make their opinions. She falsely believed that the newspaper like the Sun tabloid newspaper still had mass appeal and influence. Her gamble backfired and she was left publicly embarrassed. She was hoping to annihilate the Labour Party and defeat Jeremy Corbyn convincingly but the whole gamble backfired and left her in a much weaker position than what she had before she started. Time and again Theresa May is proving that she is really just a relic of bygone years, a throwback to Thatcherism with outdated policies and out of step, especially with the younger generations: a dinosaur due for extinction.

However some very savvy newspaper bosses have already seen the writing on the wall spelling out the potential collapse of their empires and have made wise, shrewd investments elsewhere to protect their empires and their power or are in the process of doing so, but for the rest hopefully it is the last we see of their spheres of influence in British politics.

When the Sun tabloid newspaper finally dies we will all see the light

For me the extinction of one particular newspaper the Sun tabloid newspaper cannot come quickly enough though and I would urge anyone still reading it to stop, think about what they are doing and bin it immediately. This also applies to to other Tory Lacky ‘the Daily Mail’ both spreading their propaganda attacking the left and working class institutions whilst masquerading as news. Claiming to be supportive of Britain’s best interests whilst in reality both are self serving Tory propaganda machines attempting to suppress the working classes with capitalist lies and smear campaigns.

The Sun tabloid newspaper for me represents the worst in a newspaper. It has set itself up to have appeal to the working classes whilst intrinsically it despises and suppresses the working class. Intrinsically, I feel, it appeals to the under-educated in British Society. It strives not to enlighten but instead to stupidify the working classes by offering entertainments in place of news as a means of distraction and cultivating loyalty. It strives to hide and prevent the working classes from a state of realisation and the formations class identity and class loyalties. It is essentially Tory, it appeals to the worst traits of the working classes namely because it appeals to their lack of self awareness, lack of identity, It appeals to their internal snobbery, their abilities or traits to pick on others less fortunate. The Sun newspaper actively encourages a dislike of those most in need in today’s society, the less fortunate, the foreigners or anything new that cannot be traced backwards in time to Victorian values. It harks back to Pre-War or even Victorian values. Newspapers like the Sun will always exploit ignorance and intolerance and use these for it’s own ends. In reality the Sun newspaper simply mocks the working class for their lack of education and lack of self-realization, lack of a cohesive identity and seeks to exploit this by grafting onto the working class a set of Tory values by indoctrination. The Sun tabloid newspaper encourages notions of the working classes to know your place and ‘know your betters’ ideas relating to allowing those from public school or ‘betters’ to dominate and control. But behind this facade is a newspaper owned by very wealthy businessmen simply protecting their position by indoctrinating the masses with it’s rubbish, it’s sloganisms; and using working class snobbery and ignorance against itself to divide class values and cohesiveness to prevent a state of realisation. It promotes the ideas that the better off you are the less you should care about those less fortunate than yourself. The Sun lacks charity and despises charitable thoughts towards others. It encourages ideas of selfism, individualism, it erodes ideas of class structure, class struggle and a common identity and by so doing it attempts to undermine class strength and loyalty. The Sun promotes Tory ideas which are fearful of unionism and class identity. It obscures the facts relating to class struggle and history in an attempt to undermine the power of the working class. It encourages you to compete with your neighbour rather than work together, it isolates you from traditional forms of cohesiveness and support and it actively encourages this. The Sun newspaper propagates the ideas of selfism and classlessness to prevent a realisation of your proper group identity and true group interest. It teaches you to despise unionism despite the fact that the most important improvements for working class conditions have this as their foundation and historical basis. The Sun tabloid newspaper also promotes a blame culture encouraging beliefs that difficult times are not the fault of poor economic decisions by government but as a result of scroungers and foreigners or those that in reality are less fortunate than yourselves. It rubbishes working class values and the results of those previous struggles to improve the plight, lifestyles and working conditions for the working classes. So how much more Tory can you get? So why are the workers, the working classes still reading it? Whilst the Sun tabloid newspaper dissuades true working class allegiances whilst attacking working class institutions  it replaces this games, prizes and entertain with a purpose to hide or distract the working classes. Yet the Sun tabloid newspaper still claims to champion the values of working class and in this way it is obviously the cuckoo in British Class Warfare working instead on behalf of Tory values. This is why Theresa May put so much faith in it to attack and hopefully destroy Corbyn at the last election. Her smear campaign against the left is  generally championed through the tabloid newspapers like the Sun tabloid newspaper.

According to the philosophy of this particular newspaper we should all seek to climb over one another and trample each other in order to get to the top of the pile simply to survive. These are intrinsically capitalist values dating back to the industrial revolution and persisting through Victorian Britain. I am alright Jack and sod the rest of you. It has promotes the mentality of standing at the factory gates whilst the bosses simply take the fittest workers choosing them whilst the less able are turned away. Unfortunately here in Britain despite successive generations we simply have not moved away from this mindset of the Victorians and the Sun newspaper openly promotes and encourages these same values even today. The Sun encourages it’s readers to persecute and blame others for their own predicaments. It capitalises on blame culture and difficulties at home and globally. It seeks to blame immigrants for poor economic performance or it blames unemployment on the jobless. It seeks to promote notions that the state should not help those less fortunate or in difficulties and if you are unemployed it will heap the blame upon you and then point you towards shifting this blame towards the immigrants in the country. All in all it is a despicable newspaper and it’s foreseeable departure cannot come soon enough. In fact if it had any moral standards it would simply just pack up and leave right now.

Separate and Divide is a British class war strategy employed by the Sun tabloid newspaper

The biggest weapon a Newspaper like the Sun tabloid newspaper has in it’ arsenal has is the propensity of the working classes not to see themselves as working classes. This is a phenomena that dates back to the Victorian Times. This is the time when classes began to divide like classes within classes. The denial of the working classes and it’s inability to see itself as part of a larger group has been it’s downfall throughout history preventing it from finding a true socialist voice that represented the working classes as a whole. Capitalists and Tory Propaganda machines like the Sun tabloid newspaper and the ‘Daily Mail’ have used the strategies of Separate And Divide against the working classes to prevent a state of realisation and class identity. This lack of a cohesive identity weakens the working classes bargaining position and gives strength to the Capitalist Exploiters. Newspapers like ‘the Sun’ capitalise on this by encouraging us to believe that we are better off than those less fortunate, that we are simply individuals and that we do not belong to a larger group identity. This theory has gained popularity quite recently but in reality it stems from Tory/Capitalist propaganda essentially. It is this lack of ability to identify ourselves as part of a larger group results in a reduced bargaining potential for working class values.  Instead we should see ourselves as a part of larger and more powerful and persuasive group but neither the Tories nor it’s lackey, ‘the Sun’, want you to reach this state of realisation. Unionism achieves these conditions for the working classes and that is why these tabloid newspapers go out on a limb  union bashing’. They recognise and are fearful of unionism because it is the greatest threat to the power, authority and inequality of capitalism and one which can bind the working classes into a cohesive force for change. It’s a great shame that that we have let these propaganda machines let us change working class opinions about the very organisations and institutions with an agenda to serve and promote the interests of the working classes. Instead we have allowed those in power to lord over us and diminish our working conditions, pay and living standards and conditions whilst believing that they have our best interests at heart.

The Biggest Mistake of the Working Class was to dilute itself and attack itself at the behest of papers like the Sun tabloid newspaper

The biggest mistake of working classes here in Britain has been to dilute itself into 3 layers of workers, the labourers, intelligent artisans and costermongers; and educated working man. This dilution of working class identity basically happened during the Victorian Era and the working classes have never really recovered from this position since. It was a mistake to basically see themselves as part of these much smaller groups and it was not in their interests to do this: nor is it now. The reality is that it serves to promote the strength of the Capitalist Exploiters by having a less cohesive and politically self-aware working class. To do this was a mistake to see yourselves as only a part of this small group and not as a part of larger class entity.

The Sun tabloid newspaper encourages you to have a dog and kick it to make you feel better and blame something or someone other than those that should be brought to account. This is the mentality of the Sun tabloid newspaper and also of those that read it. I was made aware of what a Tory rag it was during my time at Art College. It was a highly embarrassing incident for me but one for which I am truly indebted for for the rest of my life. This particular incident shaped and moulded my political thinking and really put me on the right path. I owe this tutor a huge debt of gratitude for this. It was in the 80s during the Miners Strike and I was sitting in the canteen at the college and had in front of me a copy of the Sun. Not that I strongly believed in it’s values it was simply a popular read at the time. Popular and popularist values can be misleading and are not always a good thing. This particular tutor ‘Mike Crowther ‘ I believe was his name, passed by and gave me a disdainful glance and openly questioned and challenged me as to why I was reading as he put it ‘that Tory Rag’. I had no answer to his challenge and boy did I feel small!. At that moment I just wished that the ground would have just swallowed me up but at the same time I had a sense of realisation as well. A sense of political attitude came to me almost in a flash and understanding that had been developed through also reading works from the likes of George Orwell. Somehow in that instant I gained a real insight which translated itself into a sense of real political understanding. I understood the propaganda machine and how it works through newspapers like the Sun tabloid newspaper. The incident served to focus me and my viewpoint and clarify my understanding. I went away giving that matter some thought and began to ask of myself some serious questions. This tutor certainly did more to help me develop my political viewpoint than in helping me develop as an artist. He was however right to do this, far from being a rude interruption for me this was an awakening and realisation that there are forces around us which influence us for good and bad all of the time especially about who hold power. I began to understand that those with a vested interest use any means possible to suppress us and stop us having clarity and understanding about our plight. They will use whatever means they can get a hold of to stop us unifying and actually doing something to help ourselves this includes controlling and distorting the mass media for it’s own benefit. They will distort reality by using newspapers and other forms of communication to distort the truth and promote their own agenda. They will protect their position at all costs and they have the means and funds to do so. They will attempt to obscure and prevent you from a reaching a state of political self-realisation by obscuring a viewpoint of class identity; and so prevent you from identifying where your true interests should lie ( this notion is very strong at the moment and a great deal of effort has being going into promoting ideas, particularly by the Tories, that there is no such thing anymore as a class system : promoting ideas that we are a classless society but you have to ask yourselves in whose interests is it to promote these ideas? Again this is an attempt to stop the working class identifying themselves as a class and a cohesive entity: and as a part of a much larger and consequently more powerful group. Ideas like this simply serve to focus power in the hands of the few, focus wealth in the hands of the few and simply deny ideas of equality and fairness for the majority).

The Problem with the British Press is that there is no strong voice promoting Socialism amongst the working classes

Unfortunately this Sun tabloid newspaper has been a king maker for too long now  but  I get a sense that it’s sphere and power and influence is now dwindling. The Sun tabloid newspaper ‘s reign as king maker is hopefully now diminished and coming to an end as we so clearly witnesses in the General Election 2017. Theresa May was counting on the support of this newspaper to carry on and intensify her smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn but this all went so wrong for her. The power of influence especially over the young generations has diminished and waned. No longer will the Sun tabloid newspaper be so influential in choosing and electing a Governments through being the voice of indoctrination for the Tories’s lies. The Sun has never been impartial don’t let it fool you. It’s persuasiveness is diminishing and hopefully soon it will be totally extinct as the working people come to recognise where their best interests actually lie. The web is more diverse it offers a truer picture, it is less editorially governed and censored. Think how easy it is for me to publish this and how difficult it would have been even 10-15 years ago to actually have my say. I would have had to submit to a newspaper or magazine, go through a number of editorial controls all putting their spin on matters, then it would be judged if it was in line with the ethos of that magazine/newspaper. Was it in line with their readership or message in terms of content? Truth is that there was and has been precious little in terms of a true voice for Socialism in Britain. The Newspaper bosses have seen to that through strict editorial controls. No , there was such a lot of bullshit to go through I would not even of got it past the first hurdle without it going in the bin. Basically anything similar would have been either watered down or rubbished. Also anything vaguely socialist in content or ideas supporting socialism was suppressed or cast upon as being communist or militant. Socialism had only a limited audience because of the very few available places in which to promote itself. Really only the Mirror or the Guardian. However the Guardian has always been highbrow, a big newspaper with lofty ambitions generally supportive of left wing and socialism simply because it made sense. However it’s reputation was tarnished by its lack of mass appeal particularly amongst the working class which is intrinsically where socialism and socialist policies are aimed at and where socialism has the greatest opportunities to make improvements for that part of society.  The Guardian is mainly aimed at those from the working classes who have managed to get educated. It therefore lacks mass appeal amongst the majority of the working classes so is unable to really get it’s message across in a broad sense. It has only a limited market. It’s downfall is that it is too large, too wordy and deep requiring much too long for the working man to read ( how much time do they believe we have on our breaks?) and consequently it has had little mass appeal amongst the working class. The Mirror whilst portending towards a support of Labour Party but attempts to steer away or shy away from openly supporting socialism. The Mirror has been the antithesis of the Sun but is still controlled by moguls intent upon exerting some form of editorial control. This however was perhaps the lesser of the 2 evils.

The Sun tabloid newspaper cuckoo has sung it’s last song

The consequence is of all this has been that Socialism has had little voice to promote itself in Britain stifled by the editorial controls of newspapers like the Sun tabloid newspaper. However now along comes the internet and times are changing. Particularly amongst the younger generation who have little experience of socialism. These old ideas are youthful again and appealing and being promoted on the internet, and in social media. The times are changing and the balance of power is shifting. The abilities of the press to silence the movement of socialism and suppress the working classes through indoctrination are coming to an end. Self realisation and proper understanding is coming to working classes who will realise that strength lies in having a cohesive group identity and unionism. The Sun tabloid newspaper is dying: the Sun tabloid newspaper cuckoo has sung it’s last song light.

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