Bodge-it’s ready made Brexit is inedible and bin ready right now

Bodge-it is normally very good at cooking the figures and adding too much spice.  Now it seems he has turned his culinary talents towards constructing ready meals. He has named or coined a phrase for these meals calling them ‘Ready Made Brexit’. However his first foray into the culinary world of Brexit might be more aptly described as ‘Bodge’s Stodge’ because his latest ready made Brexit is inedible and bin ready right now.

Spoilt little Bodge-it got his own way in the end

Bodge-it’s bin ready, microwaveable ‘Brexit Stodge’ is quite simply inedible and quite inferior to previous helpings of Brexit served up by the far more talented Theresa May. She cooked up a previous version of the ready made Brexit which was superior to ‘Bodge’s Stodge’ (ready made Brexit). It appears that Bodge-it has so little confidence in his ready made Brexit meal that he won’t even let it be tested or official figures released. He has suppressed the modelling of his inedible and bin ready ‘Stodge Deal’ because it is actually inferior to that of his predecessor, May. Unofficial testing of the model of Bodge-it’s ready made Brexit has shown that it is a worse deal than May’s and that it will stifle growth in the UK economy. The ready made Brexit deal by May, which he was so vocally and publicly opposed to was actually shown to be a marginally better ready made Brexit than that of Bodge’s, but also so similar to that of May’s you have to wonder why he was causing so much fuss about her deal: well until you realise that he just wanted to be the Prime Minister all the time. Spoilt little Bodge-it got his own way in the end.

However Bodge-its negotiations were successful in as much as he managed to convince the EU to remove the word ‘Backstop’ from the Deal. He particularly took offence to the word ‘Backstop’ and managed to convince the EU to replace it with some other wording that basically describes the exactly same thing.

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