Boris Johnson finally lands in his own shite

Finally  we learn what most of us still sane already knew, that Boris Johnson did lie to Parliament about Partygate. Finally  it comes to pass that Boris ‘the clown’ finally trips up and lands in a pile of shite of his own making. Now left defending the indefensible Boris is intent upon devaluing the findings of the report and the whole process that reached the truth. Thing is Boris Johnson  just cannot  accept the truth and wouldn’t  recognise it if he stumbled over it in his oversized Clown shoes. Truth is that Johnson never had the integrity to be a Prime Minister  in the first place. I can almost see Theresa May smiling  from here. Johnson stabbed her in the back to further his own political  ambitions. Hope Johnson disappears now and takes off his hard hat and high viz vest and simply fades away. Let’s  get back to grown up politics instead of this circus.

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