Boris Johnson – the Fly that wants his own dung heap

Theresa May has again shown her incompetence to be the Prime Minister in a decision that she took as far back as when she took office. Namely the appointment of Boris Johnson to her cabinet. Seemingly at the time this was a move that resurrected the doomed Mr Johnson. My previous article (18th July 2016) made at the time covered some of the assumed motivations behind this surprising decision to re-appoint Boris the Annoying Fly back into political office. It now appears that I may have been wrong and the more ridiculous explanation would be that she – actually believed that he could do the job of Foreign Secretary – a job role that requires both sensitivity and diplomacy. Of course, well why not because these are exactly the qualities that one would most likely associate with Boris Johnson – aren’t they?

However it now seems that Theresa May completely under-estimated the annoying insect’s abilities to show the levels of dis-loyalty that he has shown of late. Mr Johnson has now paid her back with his new dis-loyalties which have been timed to undermine Theresa May at a crucial time in what seems like the start of a new leadership challenge and  an embarrassingly blatant attempt at self promotion.

Yet another example of Theresa May’s poor political judgement demonstrates her incompetence to lead

What you have to consider at the time she appointed Boris Johnson to her Cabinet then was that she was in a relatively stable position enjoying the return to Government that David Cameron had negotiated for her and high on a wave of public energy inspired by the Brexit Vote. My feelings on the matter at the time when I wrote the previous article were that this was in fact quite a shrewd piece of political manoeuvring that would pay off as the Clown Boris would come to make a complete hash of his role as Foreign Secretary. However Theresa May failed to capitalise upon this manoeuvre, if that was her intention, because at the same time she also appointed a separate Brexit Minister, David Davis, who in real terms is the actual Foreign Secretary. This move took the pressure off Boris to fulfil his appointed role because it basically put Boris the Clown to work in only a menial role having no say in the real involvement in the negotiations and business deals which are the traditional duties of an actual Foreign Secretary’s real work: namely in the Brexit Negotiations – which is where the political focus is at present. Whilst the Brexit Negotiations took the main focus of the body of work that traditionally would constitute an actual Foreign Secretary’s duties, Boris (now effectively sidelined) was still free to play, pretend and pose at being an important Minister again whilst having no real set of important duties or responsibilities. With all this time on his hands it has given him time to plot a way to undermine and embarrass his  own Leader and reach his ultimate goal which is leadership of the Tory Party. In this way May had played right into the hands of the mesmerising Clown and given him what he so desired: an Easy Ride with few political risks involved. Boris became a mere figurehead dealing with only the menial work and not involved any of the real stuff. May has again misjudged the situation with a political gamble that has failed to pay off and totally failed to capitalise on his incompetence. What eventually transpired was that May simply forgot that Boris was there in her Cabinet at all. This memory loss has may prove to be her demise.

After the General Election 2017 Theresa May found herself politically damaged and just managed to rally herself and her Party back from the brink of a political disaster of her own making. May’s political gamble had failed as she found herself with a reduced majority in the House of Commons. Now only a few months on and still severely weakened by this, Boris the Annoying Fly has found his window of Opportunity and time to make his bid for the top job. Instead of showing some loyalty he has come back to haunt May with his insistent buzzing and May just cannot swat him. Boris the Annoying Fly shows no political loyalty to any but himself: he is not Party loyal – he is a loose canon. His one ambition and political quest is to get that top Job to be the Leader at whatever cost. Even the credibility and stability of his own Political Party, the Conservatives,  can be sacrificed along the way: he does not care.  He is driven by the smell of detritus, the desire to be the Leader  and he needs to lay his eggs in any pile of shit to accomplish this. It simply does not matter to him if he reduces his own Political Party to a pile of dung along the way.  This is his agenda and always has been his agenda. May could have swatted him by now but she let him live and she probably now regrets that decision she made to protect him from his own chaos by diverting the major responsibilities of a Foreign Secretary to David Davis. Boris the Annoying Fly now has his sights set on the cadaver of Theresa May and he will not stop until he gets it. It is high time to question the competence of a Prime Minister who has let this happen within her own Political Party. She has clearly shown that she is not fit to lead but by the same token neither is Boris Johnson fit to lead either.

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