Boris Johnson is now a contender for the Conservative Party Leader and potentially the British Prime Minister. Would Boris Johnson, Bo-Jo, or Bodge-it-Johnson make a good British Prime Minister? These are the questions that I will be attempting to answer with my own opinions on the subject, along with some satire and some serious arguments.

Bo-Jo, Bodge-it, Boris Johnson is certainly not everyone’s favourite including me. I have previously referred to him as ‘Boris the Annoying Fly’ throughout his days in Theresa May’s Government. It appears that he is now the favourite to replace May for whom he tried so hard to undermine during her time in office. I look at why the Conservative’s have placed him as the front-runner in the Conservative Party Leadership Race. Bodge-it seems to lack the understanding that his actions have consequences. He seems determined to plough on towards a no deal Brexit despite the consequences to the British Economy and the lives of many. It may be that the Conservatives themselves may be the biggest losers in the long run if they elect him as their party leader.