Boris Johnson’s environmental credibility is exposed as fraudulent

Boris Johnson’s environmental credibility  was exposed as fraudulent yesterday by the derogatory comments he published in the Sun newspaper.

Sadly I cannot  understand  why his terms of reference were not picked up and discussed  more fully in the general media. In Johnson’s  belief ithe announcement was made to give more weight to his credibility  as an environmental  campaigner but in reality it simply exposed him as a fraud who believes that those with environmental  concerns belong to a class of hippies who basically  walk around  in sandals and who are all obviously vegetarian in Johnson’s  eyes. To have his utter garbage pedalled by the Sun is really  no surprise  because Johnson knows  who his mindless audience is and as such is pandering to their prejudices as well. To have these kind of beliefs and assumptions coming from our Prime Minister is unhelpful and not the kind of language that helps to unify us all behind a valid and urgent cause. It makes a mockery of and belittles the debate on the environment and polarises one side against another and it is now quite  obvious in which camp Boris Johnson actually has a foot in.

We need a Prime Minister and a government  that is serious about tackling environmental  concerns and that treats it with a level of service and respect. It is after all the biggest concern on the agenda at the moment with huge implications for the future of the Planet. Boris Johnson and his government  have failed to address the seriousness of this debate and this clearly  shows from his comments which serve only to belittle and mock environmental concerns. Again environmentalists are being portrayed  as out of touch loonies and  mocked with derision.

Also examining the release of the government strategy  to tackle these issues it appears that the pledges revealed yesterday  are very weak and ineffectual and take up is likely to be very low considering the state of the economy, the effects of inflation, rises in taxation and pressures on family incomes.

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