Brexit means Wreckbrit

Let’s be honest I think Wreck it Ralph could do a better job of the Brexit negotiations than either Theresa May or (yawn-go-to-sleep,  I’m simply uninterested anyway, laughing stupidly) David Davis. Not to mention the exceptional wrecking abilities of Boris Johnson who basically wrecks anything that he comes into contact with including his own political career, the Country and his own Conservative Party to name just a few. So it has occurred to me a better solution to our relationship with Europe and our economic policies is to put  Wreck it Ralph in charge of Britain and let’s put this one to the the people’s vote. Most people know the animated character of Wreck it Ralph and have a better understanding of what he stands for than say Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn even, so I am sure that the British Public would vote for him if they saw him on an electoral ballot sheet. Letting the country make a contribution to the wrecking of Britain (Wreckbrit) and our economic future might be a good idea anyway and a political vote winner; oh but wait a minute that is what has already happened isn’t it? It also appears that all 4 of these characters ( with the exception of Corbyn I might add who has not yet been given the opportunity yet to wreck anything) have something in common they are all good at wrecking things. The only difference is that Wreck it Ralph only wrecks things in an animated world that is not real. All the others either directly wreck things that matter or support the wrecking of things that matter and have importance for the future economic stability of Britain and the future well-being of it’s citizens. This is a process that I now declare as Wreckbrit.

Wrecksit or Wreckbrit is something that the 3 leading characters May, Johnson, Davis are good at or have lent their support to in some degree. Wreckbrit is the process that all British citizens have been encouraged to take part in through having a referendum to leave the EU in the 1st place.

Why Wreckbrit or as it’s more popularly known ‘Brexit’ should be abandoned

There is much to worry about regarding Brexit or Wreckbrit. I always believed that the Labour Party stood up against oppression of minority groups. That it stood up for the rights of others and was anti-racism and yet these notions of what the Labour Party represents has come under scrutiny recently because of it’s undecided attitude towards seeking a second referendum in the case of Brexit. Most people are by now aware that Cameron’s ill conceived Brexit Referendum was merely an opportunity for the racist factors in our society to vent their disapproval about the amount of foreigners in Britain and about Britain’s immigration policies.

Deferring decision making to the masses is simply a recipe for disaster as Wreckbrit (Brexit) proves

At least some proportion of the support for Brexit’s Leave Campaign’s Vote was essentially racist. That pretty much goes without saying since a large proportion of people voted with their opinions about foreigners and immigration in general. Another proportion of the Leave Campaign’s support came from the politically and economically ignorant. This proportion of it’s support was also ignorant or naive (to put it more politely) of the understanding about Britain’s economic situation post Brexit. The Leave Campaign was designed to appeal to and motivate many who held racist or extremely right wing viewpoints and it was an opportunity for them to openly express these view points in a vote that would have consequences for all British Citizens. Knowing this might have been the proportion of the vote that influenced the final outcome of the Vote might leave a sour taste and an uncomfortable truth for many who voted to leave the EU or maybe they simply haven’t accounted for this, preferring instead to push this matter under the carpet.

The upshot of all this is that outcome of Cameron’s opt out style of political administration has resulted in a chaotic outcome for us all and deferring decision making to the majority has resulted in a situation of crisis and chaos whereby  we are in effect being told what to do by people whose aim it was promote the rise of racism in Britain with little mind for the future economic implications of actually leaving the EU.

Now it seems that even the Labour Party movement is scared to challenge a Campaign and a decision that was ultimately fuelled by extreme right wing views and sentiments and which was ultimately racist in it’s ambitions. This is why the Labour Party need to be challenging this and committing itself to a second Referendum to get this matter sorted out. The Labour Party needs to stand up to racism and far right extremism in all it’s manifestations. Sitting on the fence and doing nothing is simply not good enough! Doing nothing is essentially endorsing racism and allowing it to happen because you are not challenging it when it occurs.

It is my belief that there would be much support for a second Referendum or even a total abandonment per se of the Brexit / Wreckbrit process and this support has been increasing  the further on in the process that we go. British People have come to realise the implications and folly of pursuing Brexit / Wreckbrit. The economic future and success of Britain is uncertain. Trade deals and special relationships with USA are not apparent since USA under Trump is looking inwards and making it difficult to trade with America now that it goes by the slogan ‘America first’. It now looks like we should be thinking more seriously about our economic future and abandoning and scrapping a discredited process which is fundamentally tainted because of the composition of it’s racist support.

This should be an easy decision to make now all things considered. It should be easy to highlight and discredit and then ultimately ignore and abandon a process that only came about because of the incompetence and deferred decision making of a weak Prime Minister (Cameron) who was essentially gerrymandering the public to court extreme right wing  support from racist factors in order to gain/hold on to political power at whatever cost to Britain. That may have occurred either consciously or indirectly of an ill conceived attempt to silence anti-European sentiment in his own Conservative Party. Either way his political incompetence/gamble has resulted in a fine mess for the future of Britain. These reckless actions of a First Minister demonstrated incompetence and were almost treasonous so ultimately they should be overridden in the best interests of Britain, sidelined and ignored.

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