Taxation taxation taxation sums up the lack of creative thinking in May’s Government

If in doubt hike up the taxes. Despite the poor and those suffering through Austerity raise the taxes even more. Again it’s 2 fingers up to those poor ‘Jams’.

Theresa May has done it again and revealed how duplicitous and insincere she and her Cabinet really are by threatening further taxation rises to hit the poorest the hardest. where is the market research and isn’t this actually breaking election manifesto pledges? Despite all this we stupid Britons still keep voting in the most inappropriate people to govern our country for us. We elect ministers to Parliament who have not an ounce of creative thinking amongst them. Devoid of new ideas to solve age old problems we go around in circles getting nowhere at all. Borrowing and taxation and more borrowing then more taxation gradually bankrupting Britain through this age old dogma. This government does little for it’s people and nothing to inspire or give us any hope for the future of Britain.

Why are we so reluctant to accept that it is socialist style economics that open the way for a better Britain. this is where a real future lies. To make Britain a great place to live again we must think about reversing all the wrongdoings of Margaret Thatcher and John Major. We must undo all this no need for it privatisations that have simply lined the pockets of the very wealthy. we must take back and own what should be rightfully ours, the British Citizen’s. After which there would be no need to raise taxes if you have a means to generate income from these companies that supply us with the utilities that we need to keep ourselves and the country going. Take back the Railways into public ownership again. These are the real solutions that would help to bring Britain off it’s knees and make it a better place for everyone to live in again and not this very miserable place that it has become under successive Tory Governments and Tony Blair’s ill thought out experiment with the Labour Party’s values (that only really benefited the middle classes whilst betraying Labour’s Core Values and insulting the notion of what socialism actually represented).

having some form of socialist economic principles and having public ownership of key industries and companies  to generate income is the way to reduce taxes in the future and stop the profits from these companies being leached to private concerns and individuals. This poor, poor Britain again when are we going to learn what is best for us?

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