Brexit will be bad for Britain: the Government finally admits

Finally, this week, the Government have been forced to come clean and actually reveal to us the consequences of Brexit, if these were not already apparent before the Referendum. Yes they have confirmed that Brexit, in whatever form it takes, will make us all worse off and basically result in an economic slump for the UK which will lead to higher prices, inflation and job losses. So well done to the small majority of people who have voted for this course of disaster : or wait a minute did you not realise that this would be the outcome?

So it appears that the Leave Campaign was now just a pack of lies capitalising on the right wing sentiment, fuelled by Nigel Farage, against the influx of foreign nationals into our country and economy.

Promising great riches and trade deals harking back to the days of yore when Britain had an empire, the Leave Campaign appealed to the isolationists and bigots whilst offering a distorted and misleading view of the consequences of our departure from the European Single Market. Britain is now in a desperate position as it attempts to negotiate trade deals with countries outside the EU and other nations that do consider trading with us will know how desperate we are, this is really not a good starting point from which to negotiate with as any business person will tell you. You should go into negotiation with a strong hand not a weak one because this basically reduces our power to make good , lucrative deals that are in our best interests. Instead we will will find that our bargaining power is reduced and ineffective and we will be coming away with very poor deals simply because we are so desperate that we have no other choices available to us. Even our deals and strength of bargaining and negotiating with the EU has been weakened and Michel Barnier knows this as do the other member nations. Britain is desperate and has no bargaining powers at it’s disposal. We have no hand left to play! We are now really only the beggars at the table left to take the scraps and crumbs such has been our fall from grace. So again I congratulate the Leave Campaign as it seems again that you really had the interests of the country and it’s citizens at the heart of your campaign. So now you leavers what will you think when you are loosing your jobs, loosing the value of your savings, loosing the value of your shares and investments, loosing your homes, paying more for your purchases and services, will you still believe that this was such a good idea? Will you still have the strength of your convictions and will you think it was all worth it just so that you could show your dislike of foreigners?

The case for a new Referendum is quite apparent now that we know what the likely consequences of this Brexit will now be however this Government are myopic and even though they realise that the only outcome will be a bad one for the UK they are still intent of steering this ship into this iceberge. Only madmen follow madmen and this is what is happening. The sane and rational people are being led towards this catastrophe by the madman ( or in this case mad woman ) at the helm of the ship.

Hard Brexit: the meaning has become lost in translation and interpretation

The idea of hard Brexit when it first came about was meant to reflect a breakdown in negotiating, a poor deal and lack of bargaining. In reality this would be the only outcome and consequence for Britain upon taking the decision to leave the EU. The EU were never likely to be inclined to give a departing member special privileges or good deal once it left it’s circle of membership: this simply does not happen in the world of reality and again true of madmen it was delusional reasoning on behalf of the Leave Campaigners. Hard Brexit in short meant getting a poor deal from the EU. Now however many are using the notion of a Hard Brexit to mean something else completely. They are referring to it to mean a purist idea of right wing stance on the departure from the EU, meaning separation based on the ideas of the more extreme right wing thinkers. meaning that they want to leave the EU abandoning all our previous commitments and obligations to the EU at whatever the cost. They want firmer immigration controls, harder borders. They believe that they can bullishly push aside the EU to break way whilst still retaining many of the benefits associated with membership. They believe that the UK can be isolated and separatist and still be successful in the 21st Century. Their ideas hark back to ideas rooted in the Victorian Empire-building and colonialism from that period of British history. Their ideas that history can be repeated in this fashion is simply another delusional distortion of the reality of the real situation. By doing this or putting Inner Party Pressures on the Prime Minister to do this will more likely result in the true first notion of a Hard Brexit coming about.

The idea that politicians have the best interests of the UK at heart has been lost

What I want to know is where has the ability to reason gone amongst our politicians? We are supposed to elect politicians based on their abilities to do a job which is fundamentally to safeguard the Country and the interests of the citizens of the UK. But this has all but disappeared. Would you let a banned driver drive a school bus? Well no of course you would not so why are we letting a bunch of crazy single minded politicians drive us onwards towards a course of disaster for the British Economy because this is what is going to happen if we let it. The Government’s release of its assessment of the economic impact of BREXIT for the UK’s economy is just that: a course of disaster which will lead to an economic slump and depression from which we are unlikely to recover. These politicians, and particularly those stoking the boilers of the Leave Campaign, are a bunch of single-minded reckless lunatics intent upon a course of disaster with scant regard for the obligations of public stewardship and consequences for the majority of British citizens. It’s time to stop this. It’s time to take heed of the warning signs informing us all of the impending disaster ahead.

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