Brexit may be good for Boris but it’s bad for Britain

Brexit will be bad for Britain yet many of our politicians are still intent upon scuppering the British Economy by steering a course for a head on crash with this iceberg. Others are so worried about popularity and opinion polls that are unable and unwilling to raise the alarm even though they are supposed to represent the best interests of Britain.

Brexit will be bad for Britain

Yesterday saw Boris Johnson desperately rallying in front of press conference to gather support again for his cause, with sound bytes in response to the gloomy admissions made by the Government last week that Brexit will be bad for Britain. Rather than be a responsible politician who cares for Britain and it’s citizens by facing the facts, BoJo’s response is to further attempt to mislead, beguile and appeal to the right-wing sentiment that has placed us all in this stupid predicament. His rallying calls are now just a desperate attempt to brainwash and persuade his army of followers to charge into battle ill-equipped for the battle ahead. Sentiment alone will prove to be inadequate armour for the challenges of our exit from the EU. Here we are again with the age old British problem of a handful of toffs believing that they have God given rights to sacrifice ordinary Britain’s in their ill-thought out schemes and battles. It’s now high time to face facts Boris, that Brexit will be bad for Britain. It’s high time that his followers started to realise what a comic book pillock he actually is and started to put Britain first rather than believe in the lunacy of a egotistical politician that cares more for his own persona than he does for Britain.

Britain needs to follow a course of reason and not the lunacy of a egotistic self publicist

The time has come to take a reality check. We need to realise that Brexit will be bad for Britain. Responsible decision making should come about when there is review based on information rather than charging ahead and ignoring the consequences. This latter attitude is the attitude that Boris Johnson is advocating. He believes that his reckless gamble could pay off but what he is basing his judgement on is not sound information: it is his instinct, beliefs and convictions. He is taking a gamble with the country and it’s future in order to further his own ambitions to become some sort of modern day crusader where Britain survives and thrives outside the EU with Boris leading the charge and telling everyone how right he was to do it. This is Boris’s reality, which is misguided, egocentric and rather childish. This a posh boy’s attitude: one of reckless abandonment knowing that he is and will be rather cushioned by privilege from any of the serious consequences of his actions and if others get hurt or injured as a result of what he does then why should he care anyway because he will be alright. He is also a self publicist with high opinions of himself and even higher self ambitions. Unfortunately his notions of self worth, belief and justification exist only in his own head and in reality fall miserably short when examined with real scrutiny. The true reality for many UK citizens as a consequence of our imminent departure from the EU may be quite different from Boris’s scant considerations. The real consequences for Britain look quite gloomy and miserable. The people of the UK are seemingly being swept along in Boris’s boyish fantasy world but may find the reality is something quite different where they pay a huge price for putting their belief in a bunch of unprincipled madmen (or women as the case may be). There is a strong probability that they may loose their jobs, loose their homes, loose their savings and generally be paying a lot more for goods and services. These are the risks of following this egotist in his quest. The majority of British Citizens have no privileged background to fall back on and retreat to. The people of Britain, you should really ask yourselves is it worth this high price? Is it not just too much of a high risk to put yourselves and your families through; and your country as well? The consequences of your choices here extend well beyond your own backyard they will effect everyone in the UK. So every job lost, every home repossessed, every small piece of human tragedy and misery caused by this decision you will have played your part in and you will be partly accountable for.

So who is to blame for the Brexit Debacle?

The likely result of Brexit may be a devaluing of our Economy and the destabilisation of our current wage structures. We may be forced to accept unsuitable trade arrangements that favour the other countries that we deal with, but that don’t suit or are much less favourable to ourselves. Our Economy will struggle and there will be job losses. This may suit the Tories who favour this type of economic climate forcing wages down to make ourselves competitive in the world economy is something that the Tories have encouraged and longed for since the Thatcher Era of British Politics. This type of economic climate could force us to abandon the Minimum Wage for example ( which was much resisted and opposed by the Tories prior to it’s introduction). High unemployment will be a likely consequence of a failing economy and under such circumstances there will be pressures to abandon the Minimum Wage as economic growth is stifled. As a result of withdrawal from the EU workers protection rights may become eroded across the board further assisting the Tories in their quest to make us a low wage economy again. Under such circumstances the human costs will be tragic with people loosing: jobs, income, opportunity; their homes being repossessed and living under generally oppressive conditions of a high inflation Economy with high levels of unemployment. The social costs will be negative and immense impacting on future generations who will be robbed of opportunity and their futures. Is this really what you want for your children I would ask every British Citizen to consider? And when this future comes to pass who will be to blame for the Brexit Debacle? Well it will not be the Prime Minister, Theresa May, nor will it be the Conservative Party, they will simply say that they were carrying out the will and instructions of the Country. No it will be you that voted for and supported the Brexit Campaign; you will be to blame and those that can now see the unreasonableness of the logic of leaving but are still unwilling to do anything to stop it. Would we let our neighbours and associates decide what is best for us in our daily lives? Do we really need to consider the views of people we would normally dismiss as ill-informed, biased or even prejudiced. Would we really bother consulting prejudiced or poorly educated people in order to make key decisions regarding our own personal lives. Well guess what in this case we have! If this is democracy then it is a nonsense to which we should now instead apply commonsense to avoid catastrophe both now and in the future. Perhaps in order to avoid future problems we should consider applying a minimum standard of education to obtain voting rights for UK citizens. There may be now a strong argument for this to be the case after all prejudice and intolerance of foreign nationals is often as a result of poor understanding and poor educational background. It should neither be tolerated nor given a platform to express itself in the UK but unfortunately in the case of the Brexit Referendum it was given such a platform.

Brexit will be bad for Britain but it has taught us a harsh lesson that majority rule is not necessarily such a good thing after all. Giving the vote to allow people to express their opinions is not such a good idea when it concerns the well being and safeguarding of us all. It has also shown us the lack of education and extent of prejudice that exists and pervades here in Britain ( prejudice and lack of understanding go hand in hand with poor educational status).

British must understand that Brexit will be bad for Britain : it’s time for reasoning not rallying

Facts and information are now coming in that point to the reality that our exit from the EU will have dire consequences for the British Economy and it’s citizens. Brexit will be bad for Britain and it will not achieve any of the goals that the Leave Campaign promised for Britain. Instead all it has provided us with is a springboard for a delusional and egotistic politician with his ambitions set much higher than his actually capabilities allow. Boris and his followers inhabit a reality where the world outside the EU is thought of as some sort of Utopia based upon what the World was like over 40 years ago. World trading relationships have changed and Britain’s place in that world has changed as well. Britain is no longer a strong Economic Powerhouse nor a standalone nation. We neither have an Empire nor colonies any longer. The idea that we can just walk back in time is just so ridiculous yet it is an idea that has been sold to the UK Citizens by two huge egotists pedalling right-wing sentiment to the masses. By walking away from the EU we are not securing our position in the world: we are actually making it much weaker and ourselves more vulnerable to exploitation. The countries outside the EU will know how desperate we are to make trade deals upon our departure from a relatively comfortable trading relationship that we have enjoyed whilst in the EU. They will be aware and understand that we are vulnerable again in the world, desperate and with a very weak hand and a very weak bluff. As a consequence other countries with which we attempt to make trade deals with will be aware of our desperate position and they exploit it to their advantage : this is just: human nature, politics and business I am afraid. So when the likes of Boris Johnson talk of strong trading relationships for the UK outside the EU I simply have to laugh and wonder what he can possibly base his claims on, he has obviously no understanding of Poker or Politics for that matter.

It is only now that we are beginning to understand the future implications for Britain as the mists of idealism and ideology are being blown away. This demystifying process should have taken place prior to us casting a vote in a referendum that had serious consequences for the future of Great Britain, but instead the claims of the Leave Campaign were so hyped up and misleading whilst seeming also to offer mass appeal in giving opportunity for some to vent anger at foreigners and immigration issues.

Only now do we have a clear understanding and appreciation of the future implications of our Brexit. Therefore now should be time to make a final review and decision that it more factually biased and takes into account that Brexit will be bad for Britain. Now is the time to offer or press for a further referendum on this important matter, it would be irresponsible to not do this at this point. The consequences of not offering a final decision based upon factual evidence would have serious negative implications for the future of Britain and it’s future generations. It’s now time for our politicians to show some sense of responsibility and do what is best for the Nation not what is best for themselves. It’s time that the British Citizen’s considered the impact of that Brexit will be bad for Britain and bad for all UK citizens. Brexit will be bad for our families and the future generations of Britain and  so it’s time to do the right thing to ensure that we all have a future to look forward to. It’s time to take stock of the real facts and request a further Referendum on whether we should actually go through with this departure from the EU.

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