British People are worse off year by year and it’s about to get worse

What is wrong with the British People and why are they such gluttons for punishment. Year by year our incomes become diminished through: utility price rises, spurious taxes (Sugar Tax), Rail Fare hikes and; the costs of goods, food and basic services increasing. Yet still our pay remains frozen or rises at a significantly lower rate than inflation and yet we still put up with it and muddle through. Britain is reverting back to the Victorian times again where we see: charities helping out the poorest sectors of society with a reliance upon philanthropy rather than state policies to support the poorest (which are more often than not the actual cause of the problems), massive rises in homelessness; and the belligerent exploitation of the plight of the poorest by wealthy landlords or unscrupulous employers. Most of us have become victims to this predatory behaviour from the wealthier classes either through our working conditions/practices or simply as a result of the all encompassing feedback we all get from Tory policies and their ideologies. Many of us are caught in a poverty trap just scrapping by and unable to afford to save to buy a home of our own. This simply will not do despite the sham, shallow concern expressed by Prime Minister Theresa May during her ‘JAM’ period, where she tried to convince you that she was concerned but time has revealed this not to be the case. This is position for which she has no real concerns for the plight of the exploited at all. Instead whole generations are being doomed to exist in this lifestyle: being exploited by low wages, few opportunities, dead end jobs or zero hours contracts.  The Tories have always insisted that work should pay and they have oft used this as their justification and rallying cry to persecute the poorest unfortunate enough to have to rely on the Benefits System with repeated systematic attacks on the Benefits System in the UK. Yet despite this for the majority in low paid employment work simply is not paying nor bringing about any sort of rewards at all that you would associate with the effort required. This is not good enough! There is really no hope in sight for change: or is there?

The Tories are clearly happy with the status quo that they have for the largest part created yet when it comes to politics the British are strangely apathetic and just cannot be bothered and yet it is the British Working Classes that stand to benefit the most from a positive engagement with politics. So many times you hear from youngsters that they just cannot be bothered to vote or look into the major differences in political ideology between the political parties. This is a cop out and it is wearing really thin these days since the youth have the power to change the world for themselves, their generations and future generations. I simply do not buy into this argument at all. There is some slight justification for this argument in that it dates back to the legacy of Tony Blair who tried to force politics to become one simplified middle of the road affair with little to distinguish between the various political aspirations of one party to another. However with the overhaul and reforms that Jeremy Corbyn has brought about in the direction of the Labour Party and the new set of socialist thinking/resembling policies this argument is now defunct and simply cannot be used as a convenient opt-out statement any longer. It’s now time for the British to engage with politics and to look for ways to move Britain away from the old dogmatic dreary political solutions and move Britain towards a better future with some fresh ideas.

Britain will never change for the better unless it accepts that the Utilities and Railways should be publicly owned

Socialist policies offer Britain a new start. They represent fairness and an end to class exploitations that have occurred year on year, decade upon decade and century upon century. Britain needs to undo the serious harm done to this country by the likes of Margerat Thatcher ( intentional mis-spelling) by taking back into public ownership the important services like the utilities ( Gas, Electric, Water) and the railways. These are the cannot do without services, Staple services that could generate income for the re-building of our economy without the need for taxation. Conversely to what Thatcher wanted us to believe these are profitable industries when left alone to function without political interference and the stranglehold of a government set on its own agenda to run these industries down through lack of investment to make them appear less profitable than they actually were. If they were such a bad investment why were the likes of Richard Branson so keen to get a piece of the action. So instead if tax rises these industries will generate income to be made available through the public purse for future investment in Britain, the NHS and public services. It simply just makes sense. It benefits the consumer. Forget about the competition rubbish that the Tories have spouted for decades. It simply does not and did not ever happen like that and never will. What we have seen is price fixing and cartels that simply look to benefit profiteering and shareholders. After all do we really have the time to go looking to change our providers every 3 months and keep a check of their often misleading and confusing tariff system. It is so mind-bogglingly baffling that even Professor Stephen Hawkings would have struggled to unravel the complexities in it. we are working people, our lives are busy and we simply do not have either the time nor the inclination. Just make it fair that’s what we want and we will only get it if we place our political choices in the right area at important times like General and Council Elections. Britain cannot rebuild itself for the good of it’s citizens and deliver fairness for all unless it takes back into public ownership these services it is that simple and nothing else matters. Unless you are prepared to vote for a party willing to achieve this then you are not voting to change Britain you are simply accepting that you will be continually exploited, your aspirations stifled and accepting that the British way of life will never change.

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