Theresa May manoeuvres to escape blamelessly for Brexit debacle

The Brexit Circus just goes around and around in circles getting us nowhere. The Prime Minister Theresa May and her clown, David Davis, seem to have no idea at all of how to negotiate with the EU. All we seem to be seeing from Theresa May is her abilities to annoy the EU with her misguided arrogance and insistence that Britain will dictate the terms of it’s departure from the EU, whilst the EU seems equally insistent that it will not submit to our demands. Pretty much everyone else with an ounce of sense in this Country knows that we just cannot dictate the terms of our departure and insist that we get everything that we want: it just does not work like that. The EU is also telling us the same message that Britain cannot dictate terms to them and insist that it gets all it wants. In reality we have a very weak hand to play whilst the EU holds a much stronger position. They have more to gain and less to loose from all this. Membership subscriptions bring rewards and privileges enjoyed by members and outside of the club you loose these rights and privileges and benefits associated with membership. It’s plain and simple and quite simply the message that the EU wants to send to other member countries that may think of leaving: that they should beware of what lies beyond the boundaries of the Membership Circle. Britain will no doubt suffer as a consequence of leaving this Membership Circle and the EU will be keen to reinforce this message. Any Leave Campaigners that had the notion that we could leave the EU and retain or cherry pick our terms of departure leaving in it’s place an arrangement that was more favourable to Britain was simply: delusional, misinformed or simply misguided.

Theresa May and David Davis are simply delusional and the sad thing is that they are trying to drag us all into this imaginary world as well. Every time you see David Davis on the TV in interview he never appears to be taking the process seriously.  That is most likely because he isn’t. He is always trying to make light of the situation and laughing it off. In truth he is simply going through the motions and going along with it all. To the same extent so is Theresa May. Both have, in reality, given up on the process and are simply going through the motions to be seen to be arguing and negotiating to get Britain the best departure deal. They know that a sour deal is not going to be palatable to the British Public and they know that is the reality that is store for Britain. They must also be aware that Britain has little bargaining power in these negotiations and the EU will dictate terms of our departure. They know that we will not get free trade agreements outside the EU, nor Customs Union, and the EU has stated this already and made this position really clear. Yet despite this clarity from the EU Theresa May keeps going back and asking for this and attempting to convince the British Public that this is an achievable outcome: knowing full well that it isn’t. And so the whole thing goes around again in circles. It’s a fiasco! However behind this facade of complete incompetence there is actually some shrewd and calculated manoeuvring going on in an attempt to escape blamelessly from the debacle of this whole Brexit process. 

May has her eyes set on the Endgame

Watch out though Britain because under the surface of all this posturing there is a calculated gamble taking place. Theresa May and most of the really sensible Tories know that we are heading for an economic crash outside the EU. The gamble here is how to escape this debacle as blamelessly as possible. By taking the tough stance Theresa May (which she knows will ultimately fail) she can later on fall back on this and use the argument that she tried her best to get the best deal for Britain and she will be able to shift the blame onto the EU for simply being obstructive in this negotiations process by not letting Britain get it’s own way. Failing this though she also has another fall back option available to her by reminding us all that she actually opposed Brexit in the first place and that she was simply just acting out the will and instructions of the British Public against her better judgements. So neither her nor her political party will be to blame for the mess Britain will find itself in outside the EU: no that is actually you, the British Public, who will be to blame for the mess that Britain finds itself in outside the EU.

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