Can you afford Brexit? Has anyone told you how much Brexit will cost you?

Has anyone told you how much Brexit will cost you as an individual or as a family? Did you know that you are likely to be between £2000-3000 a year worse off as a result of Brexit.

Did you know that the average British citizen will be between £2000-3000 worse off as a result of Brexit, that probably means you

The politicians won’t tell the average British citizen will be between £2000-3000 worse off by my estimation as a result of Brexit. This is something that the Leave Campaign failed to alert you to the real cost of Brexit to you as a person, as a family, as a citizen. instead they gave a list of spurious and dubious figures aimed at telling you how much Britain might be better off as a result of leaving the EU.

that you this because the Leave Campaigners did not want you to know this. Bodge-it Johnson continues to minimise the impact of Brexit stating only that ‘there will be some disruption’. But what does this statement mean? Either he does not know at all or he knows but refuses to tell you the truth because he is frightened to let you know.  Either way I suspect he does not really give a damn because he is not your average working class. He will know nothing about hardship nor will he care that the average British Citizen will suffer as a result of Brexit. Brexit will not impact on him personally although it could put an end to his political career and that of his political party but I suspect he cares neither way anyhow.

Why won’t any Leave Supporting politician tell you how much Brexit will cost you? In the words of Bodge-It’ Brexit will cause some disruption’ but what does this actually mean?

The Leave Campaign was very liberal with the truth and their mathematics was basic and rudimentary. Figures were brandished around which were ludicrous, ridiculous and unsubstantiated. Even now after all this time the Leavers show litlle understanding of basic maths and still just cannot make their sums add up correctly. Bodge-it is bereft of any grasp of mathematics I doubt he even passed an ‘O’ level in the subject. So when he speaks of Brexit causing some disruption is he just minimising the whole thing or has he really got no grasp of the scale of it anyway? I would be inclined towards the latter.

This is how much Brexit will cost you based upon facts!

This is how much Brexit will cost you and I will explain how this figure was derived. Well the truth is that the average UK household will be between £2000-3000 worse off a year as a result of Brexit. Bodge doesn’t want you to know this. Can you really appreciate that your annual income will be devalued to this extent and are you prepared to let this happen? This will be the truth of Brexit, the truth that Bodge it wants to hide from you. The resulting devaluation in your annual salary/earnings will be a contributing factor towards a huge economic recession in the UK as you see your living standards drop, your savings devalued and your income devalued. This figure is also likely to be an underestimate as well, it is likely that the figure could be far greater. So can you really afford Brexit? That is probably an under estimate as in most cases it will probably be much more depending on how many dependant children you have and your average shopping bill.

Anyone who currently shops at Aldi or Lidl will be considerably worse off as a result of Brexit

As per my previous post where I pointed out that it is likely that the cheaper EU based supermarket chains will most likely be pulling out of operation in the UK Post Brexit or their prices will certainly increase. Therefore this figure is based upon the average savings from using these cheaper European based supermarkets for your weekly shopping this translates to an estimated increase of £30-40 (which is currently your average savings by using these supermarkets for your weekly shop) and not taking into account increases in prices generally as a result of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ . Also included in the estimate is the likely increase in cost of your average holiday to European destinations. So now you know how much Brexit will cost you, could you really afford to have you wage devalued by at least £2000- 3000 per year? Is this something that you were informed about before the referendum? Would it have made a difference to how you voted in that Referendum? Even if you currently don’t use these European based supermarkets you will see price rises for food and essentials as well as on goods and services so there will be a significant devaluation of your wages/salary. All this comes on top of the austerity measures already in place putting a significant squeeze on your hard earned wages. So no politician in this government will come clean and tell you what will be the increased cost to the average UK household of Brexit because they don’t want to alarm you. Given that this is likely to be between £2000-£3000 per year can you really afford Brexit? I am wondering how keen you are now that you know.

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