Kier Starmer is the chameleon without any convictions, he even praises Margaret Thatcher

Kier Starmer is a chameleon without  any convictions. He throws away any pretences of being a real Labour Party Leader by singing the praises of Margaret  Thatcher. Did we need any more proof now that this man is a traitor  to the Labour Party?

Starmer has dropped every pledge that he made before he became the Labour Party leader

Kier Starmer is the man that cannot be trusted. He has dropped every pledge that he ever made to become the Leader of the Labour Party. KIER STARMER’S ATTITUDE IS SIMPLY SELF SERVING IN THE SAME WAY THAT BORIS JOHNSON’S, AND TONY BLAIR’S WERE. SPURRED ON BY THEIR OWN VANITY TO ACTUALLY BECOME THE PRIME MINISTER AT ANY COST.  Starmer will say and do anything to become Prime Minsister. He is a shapeshifter, a chameleon who wants to say the right thing at the right time to serve his own purposes and then he will cast them off again soon after just as easily. He lacks conviction  and can quickly disassociate himself from thise committments that he made. Starmer is a slippery politician who basically cannot be trusted because he is motivated solely by self promotion. At first I found this difficult to see and accept but now it is apparent. It’s  clear that Kier Starmer has no real convictions left because he has ditched them all along the way after being of use to him. in order to get the position of Labour Party Leader he appeased the left with pledges and assurrances that he would carry forward the key socialist principles of the Labour Movement resurrected by Jeremy Corbyn, but he has since ditched all these pledges and seems to have gravitated towards the resurrection of Blair’s ‘New Labour’ by bringing back into the cabinet many of Tony Blair’s old allies. Now not even content to pushing the Labour Movement back towards the bad old days of Blairism he wants to even appeal to the followers of Margaret Thatcher suggesting that she had some great qualities.

So how far has Labour actually swung to the right when it’s Leader is praising the work of Margaret Thatcher?

So how far right has Labour swung when it can priase the work of Margaret Thatcher? Not even Blair never went that far but his ‘New Labour’ was inept at reversing the harm of Thatcherism because it had thrown away it’s key principles of socialism in order to obtain power and appease the vanity of Tony Blair’s ambition to be a British Prime Minister of socialism. Without any underpinning socialist principles Blair’s administration had no true purpose , it was simpoly filling a gap whilst the Tories managed to rally and contaion the waring factions of their party. the New labour of Blair did not deconstruct any of the harm that Thatcherism had put into place and the same remains today. The prevails of Thatcherism is still holding back Britain. Thatcherism prevents britain from introducing a much more effectice economic system based on socialist principle. however in order to do this we must first dismantle the lasting remains of Thacherism that pervade in Britain. we must reverse the failed privatisations and take back int public ownership what by rights belongs to us. We must get rid of the failed privatisations of Water, Energy and railways. This is the key to economic change and reward.

Labour is supposed  to be undoing the harm that Thatcher did to this country: not praising it as Starmer is doing. Labour failed in this task before  because of the ineffectiveness of Blair’s  New Labour. Now when the Tories  are at their easiest to beat for years we have a Labour Leader intent on wrecking another  opportunity  to reverse the lasting harm that Thatcherism  did to Britain. But instead  we have a Labour Leader intent on doing nothing and even celebrating  Thatcherism. That’s  the last straw for me. Starmer has overstepped  the mark now. The chameleon Starmer  has shown his true self. Starmer has dropped every pledge he ever made. He is a Blair  revivalist and ultimately  a traitor to the Labour Movement.  Blair failed to do anything significantly important and most importantly  failed to reverse the harm of Thatcherism.  So much so that even today Britain  is constrained  by the lasting legacy of Thatcherism.  Thatcherism still underpins all the problems  that prevent Britain from moving forward in the 21st Century. Thatcherism  still extends his harm to every aspect of living in this pitiful Britain  that Thatcher envisaged. Thatcher is still hated by many on the left of the Labour Party so Starmer’s  comments are likely  to upset and alienate many on the left of the LabourParty. There is a purpose behind this as the left are likely  to be Starmer’s  biggest critics when he finally achieves his ambition  to be PM.  Now a victim of his own vanity he has thrown away any pretences  of being true to Labour  Party true values when he finally reaches his goal of being a Prime Minister he intends to do nothing but bask in the glory of simply being a PM, his vanity setting the Labour Movement  back years. A Starmer administration  will be no good for Britain  and no good for Labour. It will go down as another missed opportunity  to change Britain for the better.The left already  know that he has no meaningful policies or ambition left in his locker. He will simply  be another custodian without clear ambitions  of any purpose. If Starmer  achieves his ambitions  to be PM it will be another missed opportunity  for Labour  to make a real difference  to how Britain progresses in the future. His time in office  will be reflected upon in the same  light as Blair: one of failure and lack of purpose.

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