Kier Starmer’s just wishful thinking

Take one thing away from the latest  Labour  Party Conference and that is Kier Starmer is basing his election Manifesto on wishful thinking. Labour has dropped all pretences of renationalising the key industries and has instead turned it’s  favours towards businesses  and market forces. Again distancing  itself from it’s  key Labour Values of re-nationalisation it moves closer and closer to the policies and ambitions of Tony Blair. In fact Starmer actually celebrated  Blair in his speech. So now we have a Labour Party again bereft of real ambition and purpose, which is prepared to easily throw away or disregard key Labour Party Values.

Starmer had no real need to go to these lengths to moderate the Party or re-assign Blairite values because the Tories, and to some extent the SNP, have been handing Labour a victory at the next General Election on a plate. Starmer is a very  nervous and over  cautious leader who is influenced  too much by public opinion and thiz has rubbed off on the Labour Party  as a whole. There was never any need to deviate again from core Labour party values that Corbyn had re-established and certainly no need for self introspection and self-loathing that occurred after the last General Election defeat.  The last Election was lost on a single issue of who was going to get rid of Brexit quickest and put the whole thing to bed. Nobody really looked at policies beyond that. It was a single issue election with no-one taking any interest in who had the best policies. Then we come to the next election which the Tories are simply gifting to Labour. Starmer is too nervous and too cautious but also has a profound vanity and desire to be a Prime Minister with or without values and purpose. He has turned the Labour Party into a gibbering wreck without a moral compass. He is dropping Labour Party Values and key policies continually and has been withholding ideas of it’s direction from the Party Membership. He is deliberately vague in order to disguise his true purpose. He has been harbouring a Blairist attitude and steering the Party towards a Blairist destination all along.  He has withheld his true intentions from the Party membership whilst seeking to cash in on the increased level of support for key Labour Party Values that  Corbyn had brought back to the Party. Do not forget that he was supportive of Corbyn’s policies whilst acting as Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Starmer’s  vision of Labour in government is bereft of any ambitions as he aligns the Party with Tony Blair again

Is it time to hand in my Labour Party Membership?  I joined Labour for the second time when I felt assured that Labour had indeed moved away from it’s  Blairite past. I was encouraged  by the traditional  values that Jeremy Corbyn had brought back to the Party. Corbyn had re- established  core Labour Party values of socialism and kicked out Blairism for good. Labour was Labour again. Even Starmer supported these values holding office in the Shadow Cabinet under Corbyn. However  since Starmer has took over the helm he has distanced himself more and more from the values that he supported  under Corbyn. Starmer has played it vague for a long time not wishing to upset the left of the Party. He was hoping to carry the left with him in a state of somnambulism into the valueless future of Blairism. The left were sleep walking into this allegiance and Starmer certainly wasn’t going to wake them up. However things are out now and Starmer has dropped all his support for Labour’s  key values and is exposed  merely as a Blairist moderniser who has been hiding in plain site all this time. He can’t be this vague forever and the cracks are showing as Labour get closer to releasing  details about their long awaited Manifesto. Try and find what Kier Starmer stands for and you will run into problems. Follow the link to discover why and see for yourself how Starmer began his leadership with the the very same values that Corbyn was promoting but has since attempted to distance himself from 10 key pledges that he made to the Party membership and the electorate.

Clearly out of step with the wave of support  that Corbyn  cultivated : Starmer was hoping to profit from this whilst maintaining  his admiration  and support for the Old New Labour of Blair. Well this wasn’t  what I joined the Labour Party for to simply go back to the Blair Labour years. Those were the lost years for the Labour Party. It was an opportunity  lost for Labour. Chances to make long lasting changes  to the UK were lost because  Blair’s  Labour Party had no ambition  other than to be in government. Equally  Starmer’s  Labour will be the same and even if it gets into government it will prove to be lack lustre because  it lacks any real policies or ambition.

Maybe the Greens now take over Labour mantle  as the party with the most socialist agenda. Time to re think my membership.

Where is my proof of all this : here

What this show of hands demonstrates is that there is overwhelming support for a Labour Party  with traditional values

Unfortunately Kier Starmer and his team are ignoring the overwhelming  support for a Labour Party with traditional  values. As in Jonathon Reynold’s response plans of renationalising Energy are unlikely  to appear in the next  Labour  Party  Manifesto, so then just what do Labour actually stand for?  So if Starmer  wins the next General Election what can we expect? Well the answer  is nothing radical, nothing special and nothing that reflects Labour Party’s  core values. In fact nothing to reverse privatisations  of Thatcher and little to undo the last 13 years of Tory rule. So Starmer claims to be offering a genuine opposition to the Tories  but all he will be doing is stepping into a role as a custodian offering no real changes because he is too cautious about how he will be perceived. He will be a Prime Minister constrained. This, like Blair before him will make the Labour Party’s  time in office just an uninspiring celebration  of power for power’s  sake. It will be instantly  forgotten and put down in history  as yet another chance lost by Labour  to make a real difference to the UK.  Britain  needs socialist economics  right now. Britain needs to have the constraints of Thatcherism  lifted so that it can grow.

Instead we will get Starmer  as a boring, nervous and uninspiring custodian in the fashion of Blair. What we should get is the Labour Party  that the majority  of it’s  members want. A Labour  Party  with traditional  values that knows to develop you must take some risks. Government needs income to develop Britain  and it can only get this income through the privatisations of key industries. These such industries  are failing under privatisations and not doing their  jobs. Taking them back into public  ownership  is the right thing to do. It’s  right for the country  and will give the government  the money  it needs to have bold plans for the future of Britain. Otherwise there will be no income and plans will be uninspiring if at all. To offer serious opposition  to the Tories  you have to undo the awful things that they have imposed upon Britain. If you don’t  challenge  it you are endorsing it. If Starmer  cannot do these things then he should walk away from the job otherwise  he is doing the job simply  for his own vanity that he wants to see himself as a British  Prime Minister. Look in the mirror Starmer and ask yourself do you really  want to be Tony Blair?

All in all without proper socialist economic principles  in place Labour cannot accomplish much at all that will offer real change for Britain. Labour will be unable to achieve any of their traditional  values. Starmer knows this and that’s  why he is ignoring  them and casting them aside in a Blairist  fashion. That is why he is championing Blair again. Why is the Labour Party allowing him to throw away key policies  and values are they that greedy for power at any cost? Starmer is wishful thinking if he believes that relying on business growth will be the sole factor that changes the fortunes of Britain. Firstly  he must tackle public finances and the legacy of Thatcherism because these are the really big issues and hurdles to change in modern  Britain. We  have been left  with a set of economic  principles of Thatcherism  that simply don’t  work for modern Britain. Modern Britain  needs socialist  economics to step out of the shadows. Blair had the opportunity  but he had no credible socialist  values he was a pseudo Tory himself.  Blair failed to make lasting changes for Britain  and his legacy was failure. Starmer will be equally  as uninspiring.

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