Conservative’s Party Conference shows that they lack: credibility, imagination and unity and that they are terrified of Corbyn

The Conservative Party Conference has left them looking embarrassingly weak. Seeming to lack any imagination, unity and credibility they are struggling to convince both themselves and the public they represent a credible government working for the benefit of Great Britain. The obvious truth of the matter is that they don’t. They claim to be championing the working people: they don’t. This is old rhetoric that we heard when  the Prime Minister, Theresa May, took over from David Cameron after he ran away unceremoniously embarrassed by his huge political gamble that had exploded in his face.

So we have heard it all before and the recent General Election 2017 showed that the public will not swallow it either. So the Conservative Party Conference sees them trying to win the same argument in which they have already been embarrassingly defeated. What this Conference has shown is that the Conservatives are unimaginative with no real vision for the future of Great Britain. They are unwilling to tackle head on the main issues which effect the British Public namely: huge profiteering of the utility providers, high rail fares, welfare, the NHS, and where the British Economy will be post Brexit. These are the issues to which the British Public want real change and real answers and these are the areas where there is high public dissatisfaction. Instead the Conservatives remain totally uninspiring, seemingly attempting to convince us they they represent the interests of working people and the working classes whilst doing very little to deserve this high accolade that they have foisted upon themselves. Well the public will not be deceived and duped so easily especially by a political party that cannot even manage their own conference properly. No the Conservative Party Conference 2017 has shown us that they are not unitedthey are divided and that Theresa May is not strong enough to cope with the dissidence within her own Party and in particular she is unwilling and unable to discipline it’s loose cannon:Boris Johnson. But what this week has shown most of all is that they are totally terrified of Jeremy Corbyn and of Socialism in particular. Reference the speech of the Chancellor of Exchequer- Phillip Hammond on 03/10/17. This  speech shows how much the Tories are fearfulness of socialism and fairness for Great Britain. They have little answer to it other than to pretend that they themselves represent fairness and prosperity but in truth they do not. So fearful are the Conservatives and this is indicated by the amount of time and reference he gave to attacking Jeremy Corbyn and his policies on a very personal level. By default this showed a great fear for what Mr Corbyn represents to his followers and in the long run it only served to give Mr Corbyn even more kudos.

Raising Spectres of Britain in the 70’s simply won’t cut the ice any longer

The Tories arguments that Socialism would be bad for Britain and the British Economy are now so unconvincing it’s getting embarrassing. Raising Spectres of 70’s Britain and referencing Cuba simply will not do anymore. What you hear about the 70’s is very often distorted and biased and the Cuba situation is so totally artificial because it is as a result of USA intervention via sanctions. If you want to know about the 70’s read my articles which show that the Tories artificially manipulated economic forces to force through Thatcher’s agendas for privatisations. She put a stranglehold on the abilities of these companies to make profit because she starved them of funds for investments to make them appealing to privatisations. You have to ask if these industries were so unprofitable and unable to turn in profits why were investors like Richard Branson so keen to get involved in them. The public were misled as to their true worth and their profitability. The Tories want to manipulate and distort the ideas behind socialism and try to fix in the public minds ideas that have nothing to do with socialism and socialist economic principles. They wish to plant ideas in the public mind that have to more do with Communism, Militancy or Totalitarianism. The ideas that public will not be free to make choices or that freedoms will be restricted has nothing at all to do with socialism or socialist economic principles. Nor will socialism interfere with industries outside it’s scope so will not really interfere with market forces or competition. But what it does do is redistribute the major assets of Britain to make sure that these remain public property and generate an income for Britain. The major assets to do this are the energy companies, transport (railways in particular) and water. These are the companies for which there will always be a high demand and as such could be deemed necessities – it therefore makes sense to have these in public ownership since everyone will be needing these services and as a added bonus the profits that these companies generate should be paid back to all consumers in the form of a dividend by returning money to the public purse for reinvestment in projects which benefit all British Citizens. This is the idea behind socialist economics. It has nothing at all to do with curtailing public freedoms or to start and run businesses. Despite what the Conservative’s would have you think it has nothing at all to do with strike actions, communism or militancy. It has nothing to do with food shortages. It does not stifle competition – instead it ensures fairness. Neither does it discourage entrepreneurialism or development of new business ideas. In truth the Tories are struggling to discredit the ideas of socialist economics by making false accusations and false associations attempting to tie it to things to which it has no relationships to.

Truth is – and Philip Hammond knows it – that Socialism and it’s ideas are are now a growing momentum in Great Britain – a Rolling Stone. It is now an unstoppable force because it represents all that has been denied to us through the various Tory administrations and weak Labour Party’s Wishy Washy Blairism: and that is fairness and public ownership. Returning these hugely profitable companies back into public ownership would help to generate the capital needed to get Britain off it’s knees again, making this money work for every British Citizen not to be just taken out of the country by the foreign investors and shareholders. These ideas of the benefits of adopting some forms of socialism are being cultivated and promoted again under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party visions/manifesto and the ideas are catching on amongst the youth voters who want – and deserve a better future. Socialist economic principles would guarantee the investments for the future that Britain needs. They represent not just making profits for shareholders but a redistribution of these profits for the benefit of all in Britain: for investment in our country’s infrastructure, for investment in public services and the NHS whilst also reducing our fiscal deficit and lowering the burden of taxation on UK citizens.  These ideas represent a new fresh start for Britain and a new level of fairness and opportunity for all British Citizens. The Tories have no valid counter argument and they lack any real vision for the future of Great Britain instead they remain shackled to market forces and the interests of wealthy investors and they are equally hampered by their own very public dis-unity and infighting. Hammond and May are now running scarred and running out of ideas so this kind of attack is all they are capable of.  As regards Capping the Big Energy Companies is only like putting a plaster on a gaping wound that requires stitches. It’s too little too late. People will only get fairness if these industries are repatriated back into public ownership. Previously Governments have mentioned managing these sorts of controls with watchdogs but they simply do not work and have not been able to hold these industries to account and the same will be similar no doubt of these new plans from the Conservatives. No enough is enough we want them back into public ownership where they will work for the British People as a whole and where the British People can control and benefit from the pricing structures. Leaving them as they are and falsely believing competition, choice and some toothless watchdog will drive down or control prices is simply a failed strategy introduced time and time again by a Government that in truth cares very little about the issue. People want to see and experience real change now.

The Conservatives seem to lack any kind of vision for the future of Great Britain. Their plans are not radical enough to appeal to an audience that wants real change and new opportunities for Britain. The Conservative’s response is one of protectionism – protecting what we have even when it is simply not working for us, is outdated and is therefore  just not good enough. Devoid of any genuine response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, the Conservatives can only tinker with existing ideas and legislation to broaden their appeal without imposing any radical new approach – they are trying to make themselves more appealing but are falling far short of the targets required. Devoid of any radically new vision for Britain and unable to cope or keep pace with the set of radical new ideas that Jeremy Corbyn is pledging the Conservative Party is visibly coming apart at the seams, now reduced to insults and devoid of any ideas themselves they stand naked in front of you – not a pretty sight!

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