COP26 can now be considered to have been a dismal failure

COP26 has been a dismal failure demonstrating all the bad divisions in the world and the stupidity  and shortsightedness of the majority of governments.

What we have witnessed is the extent to which larger economies are willing to play protectionism whilst at the same time playing Russian  Roulette with the fortunes of both smaller economies and the Planet. Despite the fact that colonialism has more or less ceased, COP26 has shown us that it is still endemic and rife. Larger nations are willing to put other’s life, and chances of survival at risks for economic gain. These larger economies such as USA, China and Russia even putting the lives of their own citizens in jeopardy in the quest for economic dominance. Is economic development more important than the environment: than the Planet even? Well the answer appears to be yes. Unwillingness by these big players to address the issue will ultimately lead to the degradation  and ultimate  death to the Planet before it’s  time by making it uninhabitable to humans. This is what these economies are willing to sacrifice to achieve economic ambition. The first they will sacrifice are the small economies and countries and finally even their own. Utter stupidity and a show of ultimate disregard for others in extremes of colonialism. These leaders of these economies will sacrifice anything for economic ambitions. These leaders are willing to sacrifice the health and survival of future generations for the here and now. These governments have abandoned the young people. These governments need to be replaced with others who are more forward thinking and responsible. Time has come for these leaders to step aside. COP26 has shown us that the world leaders of the Major economies  cannot  be trusted with the interests of the Planet. The World 🌎 is not safe in the hands of these leaders. The future of the Planet is not safe with these leaders. Humanity is not safe in the hands of these leaders. COP26 has shown us that these larger and more powerful economic powers cannot put aside their differences and work towards the general health and well-being of the Planet and of humanity as a whole. They are ultimately self interested, inward looking and colonial. The dismal failure that COP26  has been has shown us our poor judgement in putting  faith in any of these big powers to do the right thing. COP26  has shown us that the world 🌎 is still in great danger.

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