Levelling up is just a slogan to defuse the power of real Socialist Economic Principles

The idea of levelling up is just a slogan  to diffuse the power of real Socialist Economic Principles. This is how the Tories  are using it to divide tradional voting loyalties in an attempt to grab power away from Labour. There is no substance to their claims that they can level up Britain. The Tories  are hinting or trying to convince voters that they are offering some form of socialism which simply isn’t true. Using the ‘levelling  up’ slogan and banner is an attempt to steal ground from various political parties  with a bona-fide claim to real socialist policies. The Tories  are obviously pretty scarred of socialism and socialist policies which have become increasingly important  to the British  voters. It is a clever ploy with the intention of making you believe that The Tories are something which they definitely are not. The Tories are not socialists nor will they ever be but ‘levelling up ‘ is a ploy to make you believe they can be.

Levelling up was just a slogan without substance to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour

The Labour Party of Jeremy Corbyn had a true socialist agenda following a hiatus and lack of direction during the Blair stewardship. However the same cannot be said of Kier Starmer’s ‘Changed Labour Party’. Under Corbyn though the Labour Party could again claim that they were offering  a true socialist agenda in the range and ambition  of their policies. The Tories  obviously  saw this as a threat and the ‘Levelling up’ slogan was their way to take the wind out of Labour’s socialist sails by way of lip service to proposals of levelling up. This levelling up agenda was more like a charitable act than offering any real level of socialism. It appeared to be done on grounds of bidding for funding, stating your case why you should receive the generosity of the benevolent Tory Government  and was unlikley to be targetted or countrywide. The whole levelling up thing really feels like some Dickensian Charity rather than a proper attempt at socialism which in reality it never was intended to be. The whole Levelling up thing was just an electioneering slogan anyway.

British people have begun to recognise the failures of the Tories privatisation strategies and have begun to realise that there must be alternatives. Unfortunately the Conservative Party has also latched on to this understanding and has seen it’s  own Achilles Heel and it’s  own demise: understanding the power of this movement away from right wing politics. To prevent this the Tories  have developed  a new strategy  to reinvent  themselves by partially  proclaiming that they are the Party of levelling  up and therefore self proclaiming that they are the political party of broad appeal with a real agenda to change. However  this is both a misrepresentation  and a downright lie. They offer nothing new except the hollow  and meaningless  slogan. Levelling up is a mere slogan to the Tories designed to cull waivering voters by suggesting  that they have some form of socialist agenda, thus dividing traditional  voting loyalties.The only levelling up to be done in Britain  is by a political  party willing to offer the real power of real and meaningful Socialist Economic Principles: this is certainly not the Tories. They have no real Socialist Agenda at all.  Levelling  up is just a slogan without substance designed to diffuse and obfuscate the potential of real Socialist  Economic  Principles to bring about sign and meaningful  changes to the UK. These changes needed are long overdue. The Labour Party is now offering real Socialist principles built on some ideas taken from Socialist Economics such as the public ownership of the utilities and railways. The Tories are pretending to offer something similar: which they are not. All they are doing is offering smoke and mirrors to wavering voters, in an attempt  to grab power in the most dishonest and misleading way. Thus far in the Tories  have delivered no meaning  levelling up policies. There remains no evidence of any real form of levelling  up to date. 08/09/22.

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