Customs Union would be a Brexit Fairy Tale Ending for delusional Britain

Lets face it we all like a Fairy Tale Ending but the reality for our Brexit is that this is extremely unlikely to happen. Instead politicians are trying their hardest to make us believe that this could actually happen. Yes politicians from all sides seem to have lost their grip on reality and are placing their faith in a goodwill process and departing gesture from the European Union (EU). I find it hard to believe that politicians like Jeremy Corbyn actually believe in what they are promoting: it’s just absurd and ridiculous. Not that Jeremy Corbyn is either of these because I can envisage it from his perspective he is only trying to be reasonable and seem to be acting in the best interests of his country. A Customs Union would be the best thing and the best outcome from this messy Brexit process but this is extremely unlikely to happen. A Customs Union represents the arrangements that we currently have in place. It is a benefit of being a member state of the EU. The likelihood of the EU granting us the same set of privileges upon our departure from the EU is highly unlikely unless they are prepared to let other member states leave the EU with the same arrangements. The idea and notion that we will get a Customs Union upon our departure from the EU is nothing more than a fary tale that will never happen. Departure from a club by failing to pay our subscriptions from any club would mean a loss of benefits of being a member of that club: it’s plain and simple and this will be the perspective of the EU member states that remain a part of that club: to believe otherwise would be to delude ourselves. As a consequence Britain will loose all advantages of being a member state and others who still remain in the membership group will benefit from our departure. Is that clear enough for delusional Britain because I cannot spell it out any clearer? Yes we all want the current benefits and the lack of Borders but that is not what will actually occur.

Politicians who support the idea of a Customs Union are simply going through the motions and acting in accordance with what would be in Britain’s best interests so that when things actually take place and Britain suffers as a result of it’s loss of Membership Status and the loss of the current Custom Union arrangements, they can simply turn around and say’ hey I argued a case for Britain to remain in a Customs Union’. In effect ‘I did my best for Britain and I had British Manufacturing and export interests at heart’.

The reality though is that all politicians currently either supporting, advocating or just going along with Brexit without actually standing up, apart, and challenging it just seem to have no backbone at all. They are not actually putting Britain first they are simply mindful of seeming to offend the majority ( of 3.8%) that actually wanted Brexit for fear of political losses in forthcoming General Elections. For the most part the majority of the country actually galvanised under the banner of their dislike of foreign nationals entering the country and these were the majority of people that actually went to vote on this issue. It was this right wing sentiment that galvanised this majority into what it has become and many are in reality unlikely to ever go and vote again especially in a General Election or would revert to voting on lines of consideration based on other factors such as socio-economic considerations. It was just that on this particular occasion they understood the one issue that they were voting on but in a General Election situation it would be unlikely that their: political stance, motivation or need to express themselves and their right wing sentiments would be so clear and pressing. A General Election Situation also does not offer them such opportunity to openly express such right wing extreme sentiment either unless they are prepared to vote for the minority groups unlikely to succeed to to a powerful situation. In general I would say that political allegiances and common sense seem to prevail for the most part in our democratic system under such circumstances. In any common group there will be those that hold extreme dislikes and prejudices but these are often tempered along with other considerations such as along socio-economic considerations so that they are not solely concentrated in an one camp. So you may find that some people who have strong beliefs in immigration control can still easily fit in or agree with general values of a political Campaign by the the Labour Party for example and conversely the same would be true of those that felt more allegiance to campaigns by the Conservative Party. Unfortunately the EU Referendum Vote gave them the ideal, cross party platform to go to the Ballot Box with their set of dislikes and right wing beliefs and enabled them to express their views whilst choosing to ignore other considerations and allegiances. Now we all have to suffer the consequences of this so it seems.

So now we desperately a new set of  politicians with some balls who can actually stand up to the masses without: fears about being unpopular, fears of offending or loosing a 3.8 % majority, fears of loosing political advantage by coming in and bringing with them into the public domain a set of reasonable arguments arguing the case for a final  Referendum or a just standing firm with blanket refusal to leave the EU because it is simply in Britain’s best interests to remain as a EU member. Facing the facts and behaving in a reasonable way in accordance with the facts and standing up for what is actually best for Britain by refusing to give in to right wing sentiment a group from a Referendum Result that was polluted by right wing sentiment and mass appeal to that cause. Britain now needs responsible government and responsible politicians who have the gall to challenge this Brexit Referendum Result and do what is actually best for Britain. Forecasts for our departure look gloomy and this will be compounded by having hard customs borders between us and other EU member states. There will be no fairy tale ending for Britain in this Brexit process and the EU will want to teach us a harsh lesson for leaving it’s membership circle. Outside Brexit we face a huge Economic Slump that will persist for generations to come: lets avoid this at all costs by putting our faith in those still willing to stand up and fight for Britain.

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