Brexit: reckless Blindness and Bloody-mindedness

Brexit may be good for Boris but it’s bad for Britain. Given the recent admissions by the British Government that Brexit will severely weaken the British Economy is it still right to press ahead? Can the small majority of 3.8 % still survive the release of information, which only now reveals the true impact on the UK’s Economy of our departure from the EU. Having taken this reality check would not the vote now be much closer with a possible swing to the Remain Campaign instead?  Now having the correct information to hand would it now seem to be the time to question the validity of the Referendum Result taken in 2016 and press ahead with these messy Brexit negotiations? Should we not have been given this information before we made our voting choices in 2016 and would it have changed the way we voted if we had been given the correct information? Brexit now seems to be much less about common sense and the common good of UK citizens: and more about the politicians being mindful about a result that seemed more like an opinion poll and worried that by not carrying through Brexit they will suffer in future General Elections.

Sometimes Leadership involves making unpopular choices that may offend the majority

Even now the release of information could be changing people’s perceptions of what leaving the EU via Brexit will actually mean to them. So far the Government have ruled out a further and final referendum despite huge question marks regarding the validity of information given out by the Leave Campaign and the Economic impacts in store for the UK and every British Citizen as a result of this catastrophic decision. The time has surely come to scrutinise and review the facts: this would be the responsible thing to do; but instead this Government has chosen to be blind itself to these facts and is more concerned about shunning responsible management in favour of cultivating mass appeal.: fearful of being unpopular for doing the right thing it feels instead a need to cultivate popularity by appeasement giving in to right wing sentiment. This is one of the purist demonstrations of reckless blindness and bloody-mindedness that you are likely to ever witness but when you consider that this is being carried out not by a child but by a Conservative Government in power, which is supposed to have the interests of Britain and the interests of all UK citizens at the very heart of its policies and decision making, then you may question whether or not they are actually fit to lead at all.

Sometimes leadership involves making unpopular choices but these are often the right choices given the circumstances. I believe such a time and such a choice now has to be made despite offending the majority it would be the only responsible thing to do. We should also be questioning the outcome of this Referendum and asking ourselves if the majority of people that voted were actually qualified to make a decision on what would be right for Britain and it’s future. This surely would have been a decision to be made by qualified people who could make a proper assessment of the economic impacts of leaving the EU. Sometimes choices have to be made by the people that are qualified to do so which are not biased by a majority opinion. Now we all may have to suffer because of David Cameron‘s pledge to give people a say in affairs in which they were not qualified to make choices or decisions about was the very pinnacle of incompetence and stupidity. In doing so David Cameron usurped his ministerial responsibilities and made politics in a fiasco about popularity and opinion whilst opening up a chance for the right wing to express itself. Then, when he realised what a huge miscalculation that he had made he quickly scurried off leaving us all in the mess he had created. This, as he knows, was probably the worst political judgement ever made by a British Prime Minister. He should be and will likely now be remembered as the most incompetent  British Prime Minister of all time by offering this Brexit Referendum choice.

The ideas behind democracy and electing a government is that we are supposed to elect a group of people that we have confidence in to run the affairs of the country. We elect these members to Parliament to form a government in which we are supposed to trust that they are capable of doing a job that we, as the general public, are not necessarily qualified to do. To make choices using their knowledge and experience or allowing them to consult with experts in the field that can advise them on the best course of action to take under a particular set of given circumstances. We do not elect them to opt out of difficult decisions as did the Conservative Party under David Cameron‘s stewardship, by asking the public to make a difficult decision for them. We may as well had a do it yourself style government. Imagine if we had to make a set of decisions on a daily basis and base these decisions on a majority decision based upon popularity alone. What a fiasco this would be trying to please everybody! Then you should also consider the general composition of the general public in terms of skills and education and ask if the majority of people are actually qualified to make difficult choices that will impact on all of us. Many of us study to become experts or practitioners in a particular field of expertise and others may get training to do a particular skill or trade. This only qualifies us to use a range of skills and judgements related to that specific area. So what qualifies the majority ( the general public ) to make a set of economic decisions about which they have little knowledge or understanding about which they may only have an opinion? And then should we then let this uninformed majority decision override commonsense and reason with a choice or decision which the consequences of which will likely lead to a a set of disastrous circumstances for the UK’s Economy? Perhaps opinions should be kept as just that and not brought into the areas of statute. We have to face the facts that unfortunately the British as a group, we are poor achievers in education standards with almost 45% of all school leavers failing reach a set of educational standards which the government sets as a benchmark standards. And yet we are willing to put our faith in the under educated and ill-informed to make a set of choices that will effect us all as a Nation and effect our children and all future generations to come. It’s rather absurd don’t you think? As another example would you let someone that has no knowledge, skills, expertise or qualifications into your home to fix your Gas Boiler? Well that would be irresponsible don’t you think? Well this EU Referendum decision is just the same, we are taking the same gamble with the welfare of our families and placing our faith in a decision or actions of people who are not qualified to make these decisions or undertake these tasks. All in all giving up important decisions to a majority opinion is a disastrous course of action to take. This was not the idea behind our democratic political system: it was to elect a group of people qualified to make the important and sometimes unpopular decisions that had to be made to ensure the continued success of Britain. 

The validity of the Brexit Referendum Result is now in doubt and the Leave Campaign’s misinformation is also now in question

It is becoming clear that we now need a final vote on Brexit before we go through with it and leave the EU. Britain needs to offer it’s citizens the opportunity to reconsider. This decision will impact on every UK Citizen and it has implications for generations to come. Should the politicians not be showing a greater sense of responsibility towards the Economic future of the UK since it has now released such a gloomy forecast of the impact of our departure from the EU? Why is the Captain of this ship so insistent upon steering our course towards this iceberg? This course of action shows a lack of judgement, abandonment of both reasoning and sanity!

It’s now time to question the validity of the EU Brexit Referendum Result and consider it against the facts that leaving the EU will have a huge negative impact on the UK’s Economy and economic future. The result which will lead to an economic slump, job losses, home repossessions, high unemployment and higher prices for goods and services. The impact will be felt on many generations to come with a severe curtailing of opportunities and futures for the youth of Britain if we go ahead and leave. Campaign to remain in the EU

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