Don’t Get Sucked In by Dyson

Are Dyson really good vacuum cleaners or is it just hype? Well my partner bought one recently and I am now thinking that she was quite literally sucked in by the hype. In my opinion what we got was a vacuum cleaner that was inferior to models at least half its price. I am now encouraging her to send it back and get a refund. Quite literally this vacuum struggles to suck up any form of hairs on carpets. All it does is just push it around and into a ball unless you use the smallest nozzle to pick up every individual ball of hairs it makes. So it comes with a large head and a very small head. The small head is good enough but I really do not see why I should have to do all the hoovering throughout the house with a pin sized head to make up for the deficiencies of the proper tool. Quite literally then the only thing that this Dyson model seems to suck up is the suckers who seem to be falling for the Dyson hype and their inflated prices.

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