How much more Tory incompetence can we take?

So far Theresa May’s Government have achieved- well nothing at all! Brexit is failing or should I say Grayling (is it just a coincidence that Grayling rhymes with Failing?) because this is the new word and standard by which we should judge gross incompetence relating to public affairs.  The only person in the UK to actually benefit from the Theresa May’s incompetence regarding Brexit is Chris Grayling because it has thrown the spotlight off his incompetencies and still the embattled Prime Minister seems unable to deal effectively with both the Brexit issue and with the gross incompetence of Chris Grayling. He must be hoping that this situation continues. Is there any other position where you could cost your employer billions of pounds in losses and still retain your position in the organization? Not in the real world but this kind of behaviour seems acceptable to this Tory Government and to Theresa May.

Chris Grayling should be removed from Office immediately to protect the public from further financial disasters

Chris Grayling should be removed from Public Office immediately to stop and prevent anymore catastrophes blighting the public purse. The Tories clearly cannot be trusted to manage the public finances if they are willing to tolerate this level of incompetence. Grayling has to go now to guard the public finances against further mismanagement. Stop paying for his incompetence! Get rid and stop paying him to be a Minister.

Why should the Public have to settle for this level of incompetence and lack of respect for public funds?

Meanwhile the Prime Minister has taken her eye off everything besides her continuing and perpetual Brexit Dilemma. Theresa May is quite simply a Prime Minister who cannot cope because she is not dealing with anything satisfactorily. She is not dealing with incompetence  relating to others or to herself and her Party.  Quite simply this is a Prime Minister and a Government that have become bogged down and ineffectual. The Tories are becoming a National Embarrassment and are unable to properly govern this Country. It is quite shameful that Grayling has been let off and allowed to stay in post. So why should the public settle for this level of incompetence and lack of respect for public funds from elected Ministers because it would not be tolerated in any other occupation or organization. He is a National Embarrassment and Theresa May should be ashamed of herself and of her own Graylings.

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