Energy Companies and Utilities are laughing at you all the way to the Bank

The energy companies and the utilities are laughing at you all the way to the bank. As you struggle to meet your fuel and energy  bills these companies continue to drive inflation higher and higher whilst maximising  their ever increasing  profits and paying huge dividends to their shareholders. It is immoral that they are making huge profits and not simply passing on costs to consumers. Instead they are adding huge profit margins  to their prices. In this way they are fixing prices and driving inflation  without regards. Their behaviour is immoral and wrong. They are exploiting consumers and laughing at them whilst the Tory government  does nothing at all.

To tackle inflation you must reel in the profiteering of the Energy and Utilities who are driving inflation upwards for their own ends

To tackle inflation  you must deal with the Energy and Utilities  companies because these are the root cause of inflation. The energy and utilities  companies  are driving inflation  upwards through their greed and exploitation by over inflating their prices and maximising  their profits. The profiteering exploits of these companies is immoral and seemingly  has no limits. These are not increased costs that the consumer is being asked to pay for : they are increased profits. The energy and utilities  companies  are misleading the public and driving inflation ever higher. These energy and utilities companies  are laughing  at you all the way to the bank. Quite  simply they are laughing  at you all the way to the bank.

What is a Price Cap and why are the energy and  utilities  companies deciding what the Price Cap is ?

Surely  a Price Cap is a limit drawn up by the government to say and dictate a fair price for the consumer. Well not in this instance it seems. It appears that a Price Cap is an amount decided by the energy and utilities  companies themselves setting what they believe is a fair price for the  consumer  to pay. Really ?  Fuel and energy  is not a thing that we as the consumer  can live without in the 21st  century. It is a necessity  for our modern way of life. These energy  and utilities  companies  realise this so can dictate what they expect us to pay. This comes as a result of the  complete lack of regulation in the industry for decades dating back to Margaret Thatcher’s policies of privatisation of the industry. Now we all see and witness the result. Thank Thatcher for all this goodness and blatant  profiteering and this current ‘Opt-out of all responsibilities’ government.

The government now has a duty to reel in these energy and utilities companies by making them operate for the good of the UK and its citizens. If this cannot be done the Government should stop them operating in this country by withdrawing their licences to operate. The government has a power to stop companies operating if they are deemed to be outside of national interest. Now is the time to act but don’t expect this current government to do this. The Conservatives have no effective policies that can be used to this good. Other countries are quickly realising this.  For more information  see this article

It’s  time to take control of the Energy Market in the UK and give it back to the people for the good of the people

The Tories  won’t  do this so they remain effectively  powerless to deal with Inflation. Currently Sunak and Truss are skirting  around the issue with half baked ideas regarding lowering taxation. 4p was the figure being discussed or discussing ideas that could lead to recession and job losses. Borrowing money is not the answer nor is giving small handouts of £67? going to make any impression. To tackle Inflation  you must address the causes and that means dealing with the Energy and utilities  companies and putting a government freeze on any more price rises. It means introducing  a Price Cap that benefits  the consumer instead of penalising them. Government intervention  is needed. This is a crisis. It needs a Cobra Meeting and a War like effort whereby  we are all in this together. The time us not right to let the immoral profiteering of the Energy  and Utilities  companies bring down Britain. We are all in this together. The Government  should be taking control of these immoral companies and acting in the interests of Britain  and the majority  of it’s  citizens. Sadly  the Tories are not capable of this. Quite simply these energy  and utilities companies are laughing  at all of us all the way to the bank.

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