Is Jeremy Corbyn being duplicitous by not seeking to defeat Brexit?

We will be looking at recent speeches in the Commons by Jeremy Corbyn and how his speeches seem to conflict with his plans to let Theresa May and her Tories have a free hand, unchallenged in processing their Brexit plans through Parliament. Is the Labour Party now colluding with the Tories to get a swift Brexit. Should not the Labour Party be opposing Theresa May and her government in their attempts to speed through what is essentially the product of a right wing and extreme right movement. Brexit is loosing momentum and support on a daily basis as it becomes clearer of what the consequences to the British Economy will be with the value of the Pound steadily dropping and the prospect of a hard Brexit looming. The Labour Party would be best served preaching good sense and be thinking what is best for Britain and the British Economy rather than attempting to gain electoral advantage by courting support from right wing voters.

Why is the Labour Party unwilling to challenge the rise of right wing politics in Britain?

Is the Labour Party  simply giving into right wing sentiment in Britain when it should really be challenging the momentum of the right wing and extreme right that is growing in Britain. It’s refusal to challenge or oppose Brexit seems to be a symptom of it’s timidity to stand up to right wing extremes and right wing sentiment. Currently the Labour Party seem to be obsessed with the fact that 52 % voted for Brexit. Labour sees this potentially as an opportunity for electioneering but it has under-estimated that the majority of these yes votes came from a right and extreme right wing support base. Because the right seems to hold the majority here this is the reason why the Labour Party does not want to upset the Apple Cart by challenging Brexit. The Labour Party has basically converted the Brexit Referendum results into general election results and estimated that without going down the Brexit Road it could not be elected. This thinking though is essentially flawed because the majority of the Brexit vote was composed of a right wing support vote whereby many voters who voted to leave did so based on a single issue, immigration, rather than looking at the bigger picture and the economic consequences to Britain of leaving the EU.

So is the Labour Party now attempting to cultivate Support from the right wing?

Well based on the above it would seem so. This watchful eye on the composition of the voting electorate is the reason why is the Labour Party so fearful about making its own mind up about Brexit and letting the MP’s vote according to their conscience? Meanwhile it appears that Jeremy Corbyn for all his left wing credentials is being duplicitous regarding the matter saying one thing in the Commons under TV debate whilst telling his Party that they must not oppose Brexit. There is no political collateral in all this except for the Tories as they can go on to later accuse Labour of colluding with them. Not everyone in the Country wants Brexit and it is getting less and less by the day as we all become aware of what a disaster it will be. The Labour Party must remind themselves that they have a job to do and that it must put  it’s responsibilities first and these must align totally with their principles. It’s responsibilities lie in an obligation to make sure the economy is run in a fit and proper manner and not served or ruined by the seemingly recklessness of the Brexit supporters. Another of the Labour Party’s responsibilities is to challenge right wing extremism whenever it encounters it. Labour cannot claim to be a party supporting left wing or socialist values if they are in favour of and supporting what is essentially a right and extreme right movement. The Labour Party must be seen to be putting the interests of the country first and not worrying about where it’s support in the next General Election will be coming from. Sanity must prevail and the Labour Party will be better regarded if it puts sanity and Britain’s long term economic interests ahead of election results. Brexit is doomed to failure and the Labour Party would be best to avoid getting muddled up in it in fact it would be better regarded if it were to challenge Brexit as a right wing movement. And by the way the Labour Party needs to realise that not everyone who voted Brexit would be guaranteed to vote Labour in a future General Election anyway. Labour would be better served to start with this 48% stake ( who’s composition probably contains more of Labour’s traditional Supporters) and then pick up the Brexit doubters as there will be many more of these as they begin to realise that the only Brexit available will be a Hard Brexit. Instead Labour have been greedy by trying to steal the of 52% yes voters by the appeasment of putting up no challenge to Brexit.

The Labour Party would do best to remind themselves that Brexit is essentially a right wing movement so most of these would be highly unlikely to vote for a left Wing socialist style party in a future election. The Labour Party need to show that they are the Party looking to the future, beyond current fads and safeguarding Britain’s future economic interests by protecting the country from extreme right organizations and right wing extremes. Labour need to be the voice of reason safeguarding the economy and jobs and workers rights: it cannot do this by supporting Brexit. Labour does not want to be seen to endorsing and assisting right wing sentiment and right wing views. Labour should instead be the voice of reason and sanity and avoid all this Tory made madness.

More Political misjudgements by Jeremy Corbyn

It would seem that he just can’t help himself getting involved in things that he would be better avoiding or side-stepping. Brexit is just another of those things. He needs to oppose Brexit now to really prove he has any left wing credentials left at all.

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