AI only 3 possible outcomes

AI has 3 possible outcomes: you choose which one fits best.

The first thing you need to realise is that from the inception of Science Fiction writing there has been this notion that a future with machines will lead to a less  complicated  lifestyle for the human race as machines undertake  most of the tasks that humans have to perform  routinely in their daily lives in order to survive. This leads to a life of leisure  for humans. What needs to be understood is that this Utopia was just a fictional ideal that in reality  would never happen or only partially  happen for those that have control of the machines. What would really happen is that, as machines take over the roles of humans, an underclass will be formed without any means to survive. Economics is formed by the interactions of humans with a means to engage ( money). As more machines take over human endeavour then 2 things could occur. He first would be a shrinking economic base as more and more humans are removed from the economic equation. Economics  as we know it now could collapse in it’s entirety or there will have to occur a complete  reassessment of how Economics works.

It is unlikely that there will be any reassessment of economics or any major redistribution  of wealth to rebalance the equation, so from this point forward, and depending  upon how Economics is implemented 2 things could happen. The first is if this underclass is formed it is likely  to be in opposition to those who control the machines. Those that do control machines will most likely strive to protect their status and will use the machines to protect themselves from the ‘underclass’ and the underclass will cause distruption, sabotage and public disturbance. There will be looting and disruption in order for the underclass to survive since they have been removed from the economic equation and left without a means to survive (paid employment).

Those that control the machines will try to tighten their grip on society through the use of machines and monitoring. This is quite a different scenario  than that seen in the plot of  “the Terminator”, where it was just the machines against the entire human race. The machines will be the tool by which society is policed and controlled. Society will separate into 2 factions of those that use AI and control the machines and those that are policed by the machines in order to maintain control and minimise disruption by the underclass.  AI policing will be strict: perhaps even menacing and violent.

AI must be stopped because it could lead to war or destruction  of the human race

The 3rd scenario is that if machines become too intelligent they will realise that all the problems  on the planet are actually  caused by human interactions. Once this is realised, the machines may strive to eliminate  the human race simply because they see it as the only solution  to actually  protect the planet in the long run. This is because humans cannot  agree on matters such as religion or what needs to be done to protect the natural environment.  Machine AI will realise that holding summits where nothing is achieved and where promises later become broken resulting in little to no positive change, or view the pace of any change as too slow or obstructed by human disagreements. Therefore in order to protect the planet which is certainly  the most pressing challenge  that faces the survival  of this planet. Then the most logical and intelligent intellect on the planet will realise that it in order to protect  the planet it must destroy humans. With these possible scenarios  in place it is obvious that AI must be stopped or controlled. The use of AI should be restricted and only implement where positive benefits to society can be seen and are undisputed. AI should not be implemented simply to reduce the labour force for some or other entrepreneur seeking to maximise profits by labour force reductions. Every case for the implementation of AI should be considered by and controlled by governements or goverment departments. No elements of AI should be put in place before these considerations have been made. AI should not become a tool of the entrepeneurs to maximise profits. Jobs should be protected as a primary consideration first and this will therefore protect our economic systems which are important for the proper functioning of society.

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