No detail Mordaunt: vague on everything other than wanting a job

Penny Mordaunt will basically  do anything for a job. She supported Liz Truss’s ideas to get in her cabinet when her own chances of becoming PM slipped away. Now she’s  having another go but her ideas about what she would and wouldn’t  do if she got the job remain extremely vague which basically  amounts to having no idea at all. So all in all what we do know about Penny Mordaunt is that she is ambitious and that’s  about it. She also changes her track to suit the moment and to best serve her own purpose  and ambition. We also know nothing about what her policies are because it seems that they are basically  made up on the hoof. Strikingly similar to Liz Tuss  who just couldn’t  fill in the details and hid from real scrutiny: Mordaunt  would be equally  disastrous  as the Prime Minister. Surely by now she should recognise the error of such ways given the quick demise and shining example that Liz Truss gave as a way in which to not do things. However it seems not to be the case. Mordaunt  remains vague and non-committal and as such unconvincing.

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