Don’t use Google as your search engine

Were you aware that Google is suppressing left wing viewpoints like those contained on this site? Did you know that Google is withholding search results by curtailing searches? Did you know that Google has an agenda to manage and filter search results based on nothing other than political message content? Or so it seems. So has Google got political and impartial?

Is Google now  controlled  by the wealthy  and powerful in the same way as Newspapers have been and as they are even today? Google may have itself been consumed by the same ethos and has become protectionist of it’s  status working for the status quo or even adopting the agendas of powerful governments? Google now seems to have an agenda to promote the views of the rich and powerful  and anyone who wishes to buy a stake in it’s  business. Is it now solely  a business  and is no longer just a tool by which to gain information? Google seems to now work for itself  and a set of wealthy  businessmen, or even governments?

I recognise that there is a need to control the Internet to prevent it from being abused. There is obviously  dangerous  stuff out there that needs to be regulated and monitored for content which is offensive and/ or abusive. However political viewpoints should not be so classed because politics is about debate. I try my uttermost to be respectful to people, but my viewpoint is left wing and that will not change. My site contributes to political debate about things like re-nationalisation of utilities and makes a contrasting argument  to many of the things the current Government  in the UK are doing. However  it appears that Google has taken offence to my site and are openly trying to suppressing it and the viewpoints  that it represents. I know this because many of my articles fail to rank in Google searches but when I use a different  search engine like Yahoo for example, the same articles rank extremely highly. Often they rank between Page One and Page 4 which I would describe as high ranking material. The same articles/posts do not show up on any Google search. The only reasonable  explanation  for this is that Google are actively suppressing  my viewpoints that they don’t  like on my site. I make sure that my SEO strategies  are the best that I can do even though Google has a highly convoluted and complicated SEO strategy  to adhere to. My content is always refreshing and lively without too much repetition or cramming. I structure  my site in an orderly and well managed fashion using categories  and tags.

Google seems to be trying to control what you see: especially  in relation  to left wing  viewpoints

Could the UK actually be suffering from the twichiness of the USA towards what it regards as  Communist or Socialist threat? We have seen  The USA  have been directly  involved in suppressing and even outlawing viewpoints  which they regard as Communist or Socialist. Anything anti-capitalist was basically seen as Communist and a direct threat  I wonder if Google have basically  the same agenda or whether this agenda  is being projected upon from from other powerful sources within the USA. We have to remember that Google is essentially  an American Company despite it’s  global activity. Perhaps outside governments  have identified that Google could be used as a propaganda  tool in the same way that China ( Weibo) and Russia also exert political  influence and censorship over their Internet.

Is the Internet  now dead as a form of free speech?

Political control of the Internet and who has it poses the question ‘Is the Internet now dead as a form of free speech?’. If we are going to have control and filtration  of political  viewpoints then the answer is yes it is dead because it can no longer be classed as impartial. If it favours one viewpoint over a another by actively  suppressing content and not making it available  to an audience : then this is censorship. This is what appears  to be happening  with Google in the UK. Not letting viewers decide on what content they have access to. This is Google suppressing  viewpoints. Is Google taking money to do this? Has Google become a tool of the rich and powerful? Is this direct interference of the USA into British politics? These are the questions  that should now be being asked of Google. In the meantime  I suggest that you no longer use Google as your search engine because it has been corrupted as is now unreliable and also because it is a form of censorship based solely on political side taking. It may now be true that the internet is dead as a form of free speech or even as a means of political  discussion. If the internet  is now owned by the powerful as a means of control then there is no hope. Even Google that started as a good idea and introduced  the search engine as a tool to gather information may now be corrupted as it has developed  as a business  and means of making money. It’s initial values may now have changed over the course of time. I have to say that  these initial aims appear now to have become compromised.

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