Re-nationalise the Energy Providers is the only option to deal with Inflation: the Tories are the only obstacle

It is evident  that the only solution  to deal with Inflation  is to re-nationalise the Energy Providers in the UK: the only obstacle  to be removed is the Tories. It is now in the national interest to re- nationalise these Energy Providers to deal with Inflation and to prevent the gross profiteering by these utilities which is against the national interests. Quite simply the current situation is intolerable and is the only factor  driving inflation higher  and higher. The Tories  have lost any control and regulation  of the utilities and Ofgen is defunct  and unfit for purpose.

Neither Sunak or Truss have a decent plan to bring down Inflation  and the Bank of England  are simply stoking the misery by rising interest rates. Liz Truss is absolutely  clueless and a coward who refuses to allow any scrutiny of her plans. Yet her ambition  is great. She  has an inflated opinion of herself. Her strategies  are full of woodworm holes and even Rishi Sunak has identified  her woolly thinking which completely  ignores the plight of British  Pensioners who will receive nothing from changes to income taxes proposed by her. Contrast this with Rishi Sunak’s modest plans. Rishi knows how to count pennies. He is an accountant but costs are not always judged in pounds and pennies. There is a chance that he could be immune or aloof to the plight of ordinary  people. In both cases their proposals are not guaranteed to deal with the source of this cost of living crisis. Both possess a Tory mindset which prevents either from tackling the issue by doing what must be done: to re-nationalise the all the  utilities and especially the Energy Providers in the UK. The Tories are the only obstacle that must be removed before Britain  can actually  deal with these issues. Britain  must realise that the Tories  are the real obstacle to be overcome to deal with Inflation and the cost of living  crisis. The Tory leadership  battle  will have no bearing  at all on this matter and is simply a way of postponing what must eventually  be done. Wake up Britain new ideas are needed now not a new Tory Prime Minister. The Tories are the obstacle to change. A change in Tory leadership  simply prolonges the misery and could even make the situation  far worse in the long run.

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