Don’t pay Lockdown Fines until they are in line with Partygate Fines because the Met Police have set a precendent

Concerning the Partygate Fines why was Boris Johnson and other Tory  Party Goers only fined £50 when other people were being given fines of upwards of £5000 and in some cases as much as £14,000? Why were these Partygate fines so disprotionate to other Lockdown fines. Why have the Metropolitan Police treated Partygate fines so leniently in comparison to other Lockdown Fines issued? There is a sense that the Partygate fines given were too lenient. Are other  Lockdown Fines given out excessive and in comparison. How can the Met Police explain the disproportionality between these amounts? Have the Metropolitan Police got questions that need to be asked about why the fines given out to Tory  Partygate attendees were so dimunitive? It appears that these people have been treated different from others who were also fined during Covid Lockdowns. Why was Partygate treated so superficially by the Metropolitan Police Force? Specifically why were these fines, given to Partygate attendees so diminutive in comparison to other fines that were metered out to ordinary people? Also being that the police had a presence at Downing Street throughout Lockdowns shouldn’t questions be asked as to why they apparently knew nothing or if they certainly did then why did they not act on it at the time? Why did it take a leak of information to bring the matter to the attention of the police?

So why were Partygate  fines so small in comparison to other Lockdown fines?

So why were Partygate  fines so small in comparison to other fines issued for breaking  Lockdown  Rules?  Why weren’t  they treated the same as other people  who were handed out such large fines during Lockdown?  This is an issue that needs to be addressed and other people need to have these large fines reimbursed and brought into line with those given out by the Metropolitan  Police to the likes of Boris Johnson  and his cronies. Even Rishi Sunak, a multi millionaire received a fine over only £50 whereas others not involved in the Partygate  Scandal got fines of thousands of pounds and these people weren’t  millionaires but just ordinary people who , in many instances, lacked the ability to pay such large sums. So why wasn’t the £50 fine given to everyone who broke Lockdown  Rules?  Maybe some questions need to be addressed to the Metropolitan  Police to answer this question. Questions  also need to be addressed to as to why it took the Metropolitan  Police so long to react to the number of parties happening  in Downing Street when there is a police presence always  there: instead it took information  leaked to the Press to highlight the matter and start investigations rolling. The £50 Partygate Fines simply reflect the lack of interest and degree of complacency involved in the whole matter from start to finish.

Did you get fined for breaking Lockdown  Rules? If so, refuse to pay more than £50.

Did you get fined for breaking Lockdown Rules? If so, then refuse to pay more than £50. If that’s  good enough for the Prime  Minister then it’s  good enough for you. Demand your money  back or raise a complaint. THE METROPOLITAN POLICE have set a precedent got the amount that must be paid for breaching Lockdown  Rules. Make Sure you don’t  pay any more than Boris Johnson did.

Partygate £50 fines just reinforce the fact that there is one rule for them and one rule for us

In actual fact the fines given out to Johnson and his Partygate 🥳 aides was laughable  given the circumstances. It also begs the question about handing the Sue Gray report over to the Metropolitan police in the first place because  there has obviously been a cover up. As such the details in the Sue Gray report do not match the outcome of the £50 fines given out. When the Metropolitan  Police only give out fines of this diminutive amount then what justifies other fines that we have been learning of of up to £14,000? Where is the justification  that warrants those sorts of amounts? People  should refuse to pay them and match only the amount given to the then Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. There must be a legal case to challenge  these exorbitant fines based upon the precedent set by the Metropolitan  Police in dealing with the Prime Minister and Partygate. After all these were actually  the most serious  breaches of the Covid rules because they were by the people  who were responsible for drawing up those same rules. Doesn’t the mere fact that individuals have been fined thousands of pounds whilst Boris Johnson and his Tory Party Goers have only been found £50 each just go to reinforce the fact that there is one rule for them and one rule for us? Which is basically the whole moral issue surrounding Partygate.

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