Here I present a satirical and cynical examination of the Conservative Party Let’s look at yet another Conservative Party Leadership Race. These are becoming so frequent now that it is getting embarrassing. Now Liz Truss has failed in a spectacular fashion with fantasy economics and policies that have cost us taxpayers billions of pounds to repair the damage of her disastrous mini budget. Now the comedy is set to continue in a shape opera style with the potential return of Boris Johnson to the leadership race. It appears that this government are not so much running the country as writing scripts for soap operas.

With my opinions we look at the reasons behind his beguiling popularity and the clearly misplaced faith in Bodge-it to do the job of British Prime Minister for a second time only months after the unequalled episode of ministers quiting in a show of no confidence in his abilities. Well he might be able to do it again but not necessarily for the good of this Country or for the future of his Party which is less than guaranteed. What we can count on though is that this Conservative Clown Show is set to continue for a new series.

The Conservative Party Leadership race has this far been fascinating spectacle of embarrassing acts showing how totally devoid of talent and ideas the Tory Party really is. Is it any wonder then that they are now looking for a Quick fix Brexit. They are considering electing Bodge-it-Johnson to do this Rush Job Brexit for them in order to save them from the continuing embarrassment & prolonged agony of getting Brexit completed.