Boris Johnson is a quitter: he is no Prime Minister!

Boris Johnson is a quitter; he is certainly no Prime Minister nor is he fit to be a British Prime Minister. In 2018 Boris Johnson quit Theresa May’s cabinet because he could not support her unwilling to rally to her cause he saw fit to quit because after all he is an opportunist. Johnson saw his future on the back of Theresa May’s demise and he certainly was not willing to offer his help to May because that have thwarted his ambition. No instead he was going to be disloyal to her and make himself as much as a nuisance to her as he possibly could. Boris Johnson is above all in it for himself. When the going gets tough he quits. He is a quitter which is certainly something that Britain does not need right now.

Boris Johnson has little understanding of the needs of business and has shown that he has no understanding of figures often making wild claims to further his cause and is totally liberal with the truth. Boris Johnson cannot be trusted to run Brexit negotiations properly. Even Theresa May did not trust him to do the complete job of Foreign Secretary. She gave Boris only half a job to do whilst she made the real work of Foreign Secretary for David Davis for whom she created the special role ( & completely fabricated role of Brexit Secretary). So with light duties and half a job to do he even managed to bungle that one.

Boris Johnson’s attitude is arrogant and antagonistic certainly not top qualities for a chief negotiator. Politics is just a joke to Boris Johnson and as such he has no regard for the ordinary citizens of Britain. He even  conceded  that post Brexit things will be economically challenging for Britain but he just said that ‘things will be ok in the long run’. So what he meaning by such a statement was that in the meantime it doesn’t matter to him how many lives get wrecked, how many jobs are lost, nor how financially unstable Britain will be for the most of us he is prepared to take this gamble. Well if that isn’t totally irresponsible political gambling I really don’t know what is. Perhaps this attitude of his  just stems from his public school mentality that he doesn’t have to be accountable because he comes from a pretty privileged background and things are pretty inconsequential anyway after all he wont get hurt by his pranks. This is the scant regard he seems to have for the ordinary and less privileged members of Britain.

Tories placing Britain’s Economic future in the hands of a Circus Clown is that really all they have got left?

Boris Johnson appears to laughs everything off and treats it contemptuously. He will try and turn on people who put serious question to him by lampooning them when in actual fact it is he who is the laughing stock. you don’t seem to be able to get a serious answer from Boris Johnson. Put Britain’s future in the hands of a Circus Clown is that really what the Tories think of Britain and is this seriously what Britain’s economic future relies upon. Is that really the best plan that the Tories can come up with? Boris Johnson seems so scared of serious political debate and critical scrutiny of his policies ( if he actually has any at all) that he can’t bring himself to turn up to what is probably the most important debate for Britain in recent times. This is the contempt he has for the people of Britain and the contempt he has for the important role of future Prime Minister.

Are the Tories making a reckless political gamble by putting faith in Boris Johnson or will it be a huge political gaffe?

Boris the Annoying Fly has found now his window of Opportunity and time to make his bid for the top job. Instead of showing some loyalty he has come back to haunt Theresa May with his insistent buzzing and May just refused to swat him. Boris the Annoying Fly is now smelling the sweet smell of detritus coming from the beleaguered Tory Party and the window has been opened for him to feast. He shows no political loyalty to any but himself: he is not Party loyal – he is a loose canon. His one ambition and political quest has always been to get that top Job to be the Leader at whatever cost. Even the credibility and future stability of his own Political Party, the Conservatives,  are no obstacle to his insatiable ambition and in the long term even these can be sacrificed along the way: he does not care. Judging by his support so far it appears that nobody in the Tory Party seems to care that Boris Johnson is about to wreck their Party even. Driving Britain into a ‘no-deal Brexit’ will undoubtedly be a disaster for Britain and when this happens they will look for blame which will be laid squarely on the doorstep of the Conservative Party. The result will be political exile for the Tories for many years to come. By electing Boris Johnson as their leader they are seemingly sowing the seeds of their own destruction. There will be nowhere to hide for them nor their reckless political gamble.

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