The General Election 2017 should be the time for Labour to take a new path

The General Election 2017 should be the time for the Labour Party to take some risks. It’s chance of winning at the moment may be quite slim. Jeremy Corbyn has so far failed to deliver any significant left wing policies or principles. Time and time again Labour have failed to offer the voters any significant differences between them and the Tories. The Conservatives will always win battles for middle and the right so is it high time now that the Labour Party took the left wing path instead of sticking to the middle path. I believe so and so do many of the Labour Party Membership who have returned to the Labour Party believing that Jeremy Corbyn would steer the Party towards the left again. However so far we have seen no real change of course.

Labour now need to be more radical and experimental in this 2017 General Election after all what is there to lose because the middle path will only lead to another election defeat and may cost Jeremy Corbyn his position as leader.

Now is certainly the right time to take these risks. The electorate is desperate for something new and something different. The Labour Party is constrained and prevented by its own Constitution from being a true socialist party.  The result of Tony Blair’s meddling has been that there is now no real socialist offering for the electorate: no left wing voting choice available in Britain anymore. Tony Blair saw to this when he re-wrote Clause IV of the Labour Party Constitution. The assassination of socialist principles in the Labour Party was a fait accompli or act of treason that even Margaret Thatcher would have been proud of.  It was after all what Thatcher wanted most of all: to eliminate socialism from Britain. This single act by Tony Blair and his cohorts has constrained the Labour Party into being the mess it is today. It constrained Labour in how it can raise the capital it needs for investment in NHS, and other social infrastructure. This basically forced Labour into being a party with only small and limited ambitions. It forced them to being a Party that was impoverished and constrained mainly because the Labour Party is also committed to keeping the tax burden it places upon the public in check. Quite simply then when in government it just could not raise enough funds for any real changes or lofty ambitions. Labour became ineffectual under Blair /Brown and it became irresponsible in the management of public finances and this legacy lives on in people’s minds even today. Because of Tony Blair the  Labour Party has, since his meddling, been forced to continually curtail any real ambitions for Britain and forced to abandon any real chances of making Britain into a better place.

It is time for Jeremy Corbyn to stand up for his beliefs

It is now time for Jeremy Corbyn to be strong and stand up for his beliefs and take a gamble. Instead of holding all these ideals and ambitions in his head it is time to make them real and put them before the electorate. It is no good having these plans and ambitions for some time in the distant future : no the time is now to bring his socialist credibility and beliefs to the table and put them before the electorate. It is now or never for Corbyn and the General Election 2017 is time to take the gamble and offer voters the chance to vote for real change and something completely different: there will not be another chance. This may be his last chance to change  the Labour Party for the better and carry it towards his socialist visions that he claims to cherish. This is now an opportunity which may be the very last chance for the Labour Party to turn back towards their socialist roots. If he cannot deliver it now then he never will be able to and this may be the end for Labour as the membership may go to find alternatives who may be able to deliver a better understanding and notion of socialism like the Green Party or another choice.

There has never been a better time than now for the Labour Party to bring back socialist principles

Yes now is the time to bring back socialist principles into the Labour Party Constitution and undo all the harm that Tony Blair has caused. This is something that Britain desperately needs: an alternative political choice and a real left wing voting option. Corbyn needs to do this for the 2017 General Election there has never been a better time. Set this against a backdrop of recent price hikes in Rail Fares and also against increases from the Energy Suppliers (Gas and Electric). The Labour Party need to exploit this and the level of dissatisfaction amongst these consumers. It is time to reconsider the worth of these privatisations and offer the public an opportunity to reverse the clocks. Simply by taking public ownership of the Railways to start with could generate considerable Capital for public investment in the NHS and policing. By doing this Labour would be able to offer no tax hikes in contrast to that which the Tories are insinuating. Firming up Labour’s fiscal policies in this way will enable the public to rest assured that Labour will be responsible with the management of the economy. It may sound radical but in reality it is not. There is nothing new here. This is simply socialism benefiting all. It’s not Russia or China or Communism it is simply commonsense socialist principles working to benefit all citizens in Britain. One last thought though China is perhaps the world’s strongest economy at the moment perhaps there is something worth emulating there after all.

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